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Top 11 Quotes About Aquarius Men

#1. She wanted him to stop, but more than that, she wanted him to go on forever.

Lisa Kleypas

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#2. I'm really getting into acting and TV. 'Sports Illustrated' is a big, iconic brand I'd like to work for, too. But TV and acting is really funny and a bit more exciting than shooting all the time.

Charlotte McKinney

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#3. Salad bars are like a restaurant's lungs. They soak up the impurities and bacteria in the environment, leaving you with much cleaner air to enjoy.

Douglas Coupland

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#4. It was disturbing, like an enchanted place. I had not thought it could be as beautiful as this

Daphne Du Maurier

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#5. Despite I may be surrounded by many friends, there is not one that interests me as much as you do

Auliq Ice

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#6. We sincerely ask the Beijing authorities across the Strait to view the election result from a positive perspective, to accept the democratic decision of the Taiwanese people.

Chen Shui-bian

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#7. People always want to live, even during wartime. You'll learn a lot from living through a war...There is no beast worse than man.

Svetlana Alexievich

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#8. The question is whether personal freedom is worth the terrible effort, the never-lifted burden and risks of self-reliance.

Rose Wilder Lane

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#9. I'm always looking at my brother and sisters, thinking - do we look inbred, maybe? Maybe a tiny bit.

Bryce Dallas Howard

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#10. It's no sin to admit that you feel vulnerable and lost.

Phoebe Snow

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#11. You see, in the image of Aquarius, it's a man who pours water into the fish. Now the fish is the unconscious. It is not enough just to have it. We have to actively turn towards it and support it so that it then helps us.

Marie-Louise Von Franz

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