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Top 10 Quotes About Anti Hunting

#1. The greatest of all disorders is to think we are whole and need no help.

Thomas F. Wilson

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#2. Instead of a permit system or regulations, the Forest Service needs to reduce worldwide population growth to limit the number of visitors to wilderness.

Dave Barry

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#3. I remember once giving my dad some drawings and writings and said, 'If you could just give these to the publisher, that would be great.' And I was about five!

Sally Hawkins

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#4. I'm not anti-fox hunting because, to me, shooting foxes is even worse and the results are horrendous.

Roger Daltrey

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#5. I am sort of anti-hunting. I don't put down what anyone wants to do, but it seems to me that killing a creature for fun is not a progressive idea.

Clint Eastwood

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#6. Whenever I donate a hunting trip for the Children's Leukemia Foundation, Ronald McDonald Cancer House, all these children's charities, I offer the anti-hunters an opportunity: if you donate more to the children's charity than the hunters donate we won't go hunting.

Ted Nugent

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#7. I was the first journalist allowed on a hunting boat during harp seal season in almost 15 years. Around the late 1970s, white coat pups became the poster child for the anti-fur movement, and by the '80s, the media was lambasting the hunters for killing them.

Brian Skerry

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#8. Before hurting an animal, feel her pain and see her tears. Then question your conscience.

Debasish Mridha

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#9. I do know that the key to anything good is feeling relaxed and free. That's the main thing that you can offer yourself as an actor.

Rosamund Pike

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#10. You don't know how strong something is until you actually test it.

Nicholas Sparks

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