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Top 34 Quotes About Analyzing Yourself

#1. The creative folks intuitively design what's best for the user, while data folks provide great insights. The true unicorns are those who can go end-to-end designing, building, measuring, analyzing, and iterating with a combination of user intuition and deep analytics.

Matthew Humphreys

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#2. And the reason you hate writing so much is because you start analyzing your work before you're done pouring it onto the page. Your Left-brain won't let your Right-brain do it's job ... Your Right-brain gets the words on the page. The Left-brain makes them sing.

Jeff Bollow

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#3. What we need is to think strategically about development, analyzing a country's potential role in its region and the world in search of opportunities for growth. Platforms like the Global Social Business Summit can facilitate the process on bringing about change.

Muhammad Yunus

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#4. It's no use analyzing your life the whole time. Those analyses won't help you when you're dead

Green Day

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#5. Don't use "below-the-belt" tactics. These include: blam- ing, interpreting, diagnosing, labeling, analyzing, preaching, moralizing, ordering, warning, interrogating, ridiculing, and lecturing. Don't put the other person down.

Harriet Lerner

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#6. Analyzing a concept can (perhaps) tell you what the concept means (at least means to some philosophers), but it does not tell you anything about whether the concept is true of anything in the world.

Patricia Churchland

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#7. Quit analyzing me. My crazy needs no definition.

K.F. Breene

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#8. I spend half my time just living my life, and the other half analyzing it.

David Schwimmer

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#9. I'm not at a point in my life when I'm analyzing too much.

Hope Davis

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#10. When you're in your early 20s, a lot of characters can be one or two dimensional. You want a role to substantiate the drama, as opposed to actually analyzing the psychology of a human being. That's what drew me to acting, particularly the contradictions in people.

Tom Hughes

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#11. The emphasis in meditation is very much on undistracted awareness: not thinking about things, not analyzing, not getting lost in the story, but just seeing the nature of what is happening in the mind. Careful, accurate observation of the moment's reality is the key to the whole process.

Joseph Goldstein

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#12. I didn't see the point of judging and analyzing a single moment in someone's life.

Lisa Unger

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#13. I do find stories - or literary fiction - an apt form for analyzing the world. And especially for trying to imagine the other. An agenda, again, that seems more important now than ever.

Jim Shepard

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#14. They spend more time in analyzing, in collecting materials, and in hard thinking than on prayer, on seeking God's mind, and on waiting for the power from above.

Watchman Nee

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#15. I just happen to like the work. I like preparing for a role. I like reading. I like analyzing. I like literature. I like emotions. I like working with other actors.

Elle Macpherson

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#16. Knowing how hard it is to collect a fact, you understand why most people want to have some fun analyzing it.

Jesse L. Greenstein

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#17. I over analyze situations because Im scared of what may happen if I'm not prepared for it.

Turcois Ominek

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#18. We must not concentrate overmuch upon our feelings. Do not spend too much time feeling your own pulse taking your own spiritual temperature, do not spend too much time analyzing your feelings. That is the high road to morbidity.


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#19. One of the key places where sociology should be used is in analyzing 'the world' of our times, so that we can be more discerning. To resist the dangers of the world, you have to recognize the distortions and seductions of the world.

Os Guinness

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#20. I hate taxing my mind with analysis. I'm not a good analyst. I cannot talk about acting. I hate talking about it. I hate talking about analyzing.

Anthony Hopkins

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#21. Cubism came about because, in the process of analyzing form, something that lay in the form, a plane, could be lifted out to float on its own ...

Joseph Plaskett

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#22. Shut up, Four! she says, and I want to yell back that I'm as frustrated as she is, with an
Erudite vulture analyzing my every move, searching for my weak points so he can hit them as hard
as he can.

Veronica Roth

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#23. Perhaps it's time to stop analyzing Sarah Palin as a politician. Maybe, in her own muddled way, she is at last owning up to the fact that she has been miscast. You don't need politics anymore once you've discovered that the alchemy of celebrity has turned you into a 24-carat phenomenon.

Tina Brown

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#24. I'm in a period of growth and expansion. I'm taking long, hard looks at the world and what's happening in it, analyzing and thinking. I'm trying to become acquainted with the universe - with the part of it I occupy - and trying to settle, for myself, what my relationship with it is.

Gene Roddenberry

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#25. Too many people have been analyzing their pasts, their childhoods, their memories, their parents, and realizing that it doesn't do anything-or that it doesn't do enough.

James Hillman

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#26. The most important organ in the body as far as the stock market is concerned is the guts, not the head. Anyone can acquire the know-how for analyzing stocks.

Peter Lynch

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#27. While analyzing some already-existing opinions on the subject, he also expressed his own view. The main thing was the tone of the article and its remarkably unexpected conclusion.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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#28. Pundits are used to analyzing the gap between what our ideals suggest and what our security interests require.

Elliott Abrams

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#29. After earning my Ph.D., I stayed at the Max-Planck Institute as a postdoc, working on laser excitation of Rydberg states of triatomic hydrogen and helium hydride. I also succeeded in analyzing all the emission spectra of helium hydride, which I had discovered during my Ph.D.

Wolfgang Ketterle

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#30. Analyzing through special insight and realizing the lack of inherent existence constitute understanding of the signless.

Gautama Buddha

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#31. Freud would have had a grand time analyzing my have-to-die-clean complex. But then Freud was an ass.

Dean Koontz

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#32. Niccolo Machiaveli stood apart from the rest of the crowd, arms lightly folded across his chest, careful not to wrinkle his Saile Row- tailored black silk tuxedo. Stone gray eyes swept over the other bidders, analyzing and assessing them.

Michael Scott

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#33. If you distance yourself from reality and just cling to cliches about democracy find yourself a different job than analyzing politics

Hany Ghoraba

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#34. Maybe this is the recipe for a happy life
not thinking about anything too hard, just going where the day takes you, trying to enjoy yourself, instead of analyzing every second.

Brenda Janowitz

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