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Top 18 Quotes About An Uneasy Mind

#1. Nothing is impossible, even the word it self says i'm possible. - Author: Audrey Hepburn
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#2. What did make me a little uneasy was that I often caught sight of him studying me in my periphery. I replayed what I'd said over and over in my mind, trying to figure out if there'd been anything to warrant such attention. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#3. By beauty of course I mean truth, for the one involves the other; it is only the false in art which is ugly, and it is only the ugly that is universal. - Author: William Dean Howells
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#4. A man's wife can hold him devilish uneasy, if she begins to scold and fret, and perplex him, at a time when he has a full load for a railroad car on his mind already. - Author: David Crockett
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#5. The prevarication and white lies which a mind that keeps itself ambitiously pure is as uneasy under as a great artist under the false touches that no eye detects but his own, are worn as lightly as mere trimming when once the actions have become a lie. - Author: George Eliot
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#6. People said that he was very nice, but I confess that his utter grotesqueness made me uneasy; perhaps in the same way that the sight of monkeys eating their own excrement turns some people's stomachs. They might not mind so much if monkeys did not- so grotesquely- resemble human beings. - Author: James Baldwin
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#7. The mind is found most acute and most uneasy in the morning. Uneasiness is, indeed, a species of sagacity - a passive sagacity. Fools are never uneasy. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#8. There is nothing more abominable than being in a state of bodily exhaustion and mental irritation; I was too lethargic to get up and seek some means of occupying my mind, but I was too uneasy to fall asleep. - Author: Elizabeth Peters
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#9. A strong intuition is much more powerful than a weal test. Normals teach us rules; outliers teach us laws. For every perfect medical experiment, there is a perfect human bias. - Author: Siddhartha Mukherjee
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#10. I had a big Akita, Yoshi, who was fabulous. I loved him. We lost him when he was 12, and I've never been able to replace him. Normally, most people lose a pet and get another and keep going on. But it just felt wrong to me; it felt disloyal. - Author: Robert Crais
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#11. My body has certainly wandered a good deal, but I have an uneasy suspicion that my mind has not wandered enough. - Author: Noel Coward
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#12. I prefer poems that occupy an imaginative sphere. When I lived in Cincinnati, I was occasionally referred to as an "Ohio Poet;" this made me uneasy, not only because I think of myself as a generally American poet but also because I like to think I write out of the country of my own mind. - Author: Cate Marvin
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#13. California is a place in which a boom mentality and a sense of Chekhovian loss meet in uneasy suspension; in which the mind is troubled by some buried but ineradicable suspicion that things better work here, because here, beneath the immense bleached sky,is where we run out of continent. - Author: Joan Didion
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#14. I'm not questioning your bravery. I'm questioning your intelligence. - Author: Joe Hill
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#15. I am not interested in whether you've stood with the great. I am interested in whether you've sat broken. - Author: Unknown
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#16. Aware of her uneasy gaze straying to his rampant arousal, Sebastian shot her a scornful glance.
"Pay it no mind," he said, climbing into bed with her. "From now on, I have every expectation that proximity to you will affect my private parts like a prolonged swim in a Siberian lake. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#17. Malice and hatred are very fretting and vexatious, and apt to make our minds sore and uneasy; but he that can moderate these affections will find ease in his mind. - Author: John Tillotson
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#18. One thing above all gives charm to men's thoughts, and this is unrest. A mind that is not uneasy irritates and bores me. - Author: Anatole France
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