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Top 15 Quotes About Aging Parent

#1. In all ages the people have honored those who dishonored them. They have worshiped their destroyers; they have canonized the most gigantic liars, and buried the great thieves in marble and gold. Under the loftiest monuments sleeps the dust of murder. - Author: Robert G. Ingersoll
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#2. Matter what your father plans, nor what his motives might be. God will prevail. God will use everything to His good purpose if you love and trust Him. - Author: Francine Rivers
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#3. I think there's a settled quality, there's a gravitas that comes with aging and with being a parent because you certainly come to recognize that there's nothing else that takes greater priority than raising your children. - Author: Benjamin Bratt
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#4. The man's oral skills were off the chart. Such attention to detail. And the enthusiasm - the man was starving and I was his meal. - Author: Anonymous
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#5. But from the perspective of the aging parent, there is no major difference between four and fifteen, except that when your child is four, his motoring privileges are restricted to little toy Fisher-Price vehicles which are unlikely (although I would not totally rule it out in America) to sue you. - Author: Dave Barry
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#6. Satellite technology is a wonderful thing. From space, we can stare down and look at perimeter fences, huts, mine entrances and even sites of mass graves. - Author: John Sweeney
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#7. Brands that will survive and thrive from now on are those with C-level executives that understand the incredible opportunity new media offers them and commit to excellence in managing their social media presence. - Author: Brian E. Boyd Sr.
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#8. I now urge friends and acquaintances to have conversations with their aging parents and within their families while their parents are still relatively healthy and of sound mind. - Author: Lisa J. Shultz
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#9. I've been having a lot of fun exploring different aspects of filmmaking, like writing and producing. There isn't a specific plan and I usually don't know what's going to be the next thing I do. - Author: Oren Peli
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#10. Piece by piece, my mother is being stolen from me. - Author: Dorothy Allison
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#11. Mother Nature's no dingbat. She didn't package the good stuff with bad stuff so she could watch us struggle for thousands of years until the invention of Egg Beaters. - Author: Liz Wolfe
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#12. I realize that it is as one ages and loses one's natural force that one is at the mercy of heredity. The young are themselves: the aging, their parents' children. - Author: Sylvia Townsend Warner
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#13. Schoolmasters and parents exist to be grown out of. - Author: John Wolfenden, Baron Wolfenden
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#14. O, there is naught on earth worth being known but God and our own souls! - Author: Philip James Bailey
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#15. It's tough to get out of bed; I know that myself. You can lie there for an hour and a half without thinking anything, just worrying about what the day holds and knowing that you won't be able to deal with it. - Author: Ned Vizzini
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