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Top 30 Quotes About Aesthetic Experience

#1. Without an allegiance to beauty, art degenerates into a caricature of itself. It is beauty that animates aesthetic experience, making it so seductive; but aesthetic experience itself degenerates into a kind of fetish or idol if it is held up as an end in itself, untested by the rest of life. - Author: Roger Kimball
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#2. For me, it's important to experience aesthetic shock, which sets in motion our imagination, our emotions, our feelings, and our thoughts. That's the purpose of a painting and of art in general. - Author: Pierre Soulages
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#3. Scientific understanding is often beautiful, a profoundly aesthetic experience which gives pleasure not unlike the reading of a great poem. - Author: Paul Nurse
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#4. The aesthetic experience has to be given. And beauty is a regular experience of every person - every person who is not clinically depressed! - Author: Peter Schjeldahl
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#5. The danger of that - and there's a grave danger that I, myself, have to be very aware of - is that you become so involved and intrigued in the language that sometimes you lose track that that is only a means to an aesthetic experience that the listener has to get. - Author: Leo Ornstein
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#6. Art is the aesthetic ordering of experience to express meanings in symbolic terms. - Author: Daniel Bell
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#7. Art is the imposing of a pattern on experience, and our aesthetic enjoyment is recognition of the pattern. - Author: Alfred North Whitehead
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#8. I'd never been one for prayer, but when things got serious, I put it into overdrive, imagining God on the other end thinking, hmmm . . . Emma doesn't usually pray. This must be serious. - Author: Karen McQuestion
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#9. It was my favorite part of the night - when the evening's events were still unknown and unpredictable. It was the sense of possibility that I loved, the idea that anything could happen next. - Author: Lauren Gibaldi
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#10. It's human to have a secret, but it's just as human to reveal it sooner or later. - Author: Philip Roth
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#11. It's just plain learning something that you didn't know. There is a real aesthetic experience in being dumbfounded. - Author: Lewis Thomas
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#12. Do not blame God for what men have done. - Author: Jill Eileen Smith
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#13. One of the threats to Christianity in the 21st century is this idea that religion is best understood as a kind of aesthetic experience, and that you can get all your morality from that. - Author: John Cornwell
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#14. Addiction might be redefined not as a character flaw but as a "biochemical deficit management." Our emotional habits will become an accepted factor of good health, along with slogans like "Heartache can be harmful to your unborn children." - Author: Marni Jackson
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#15. The wine itself has aesthetic value; but what it is for a wine to have aesthetic value cannot be understood without making reference to the experience to tasting it - Author: Tim Crane
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#16. The life with him you feel like you lost out on, it's perfect because it's a fantasy and it's a fantasy because it's perfect. - Author: Mhairi McFarlane
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#17. No one will ever love you as much as you want them to. - Author: Steffan Piper
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#18. Espresso consumption is an aesthetic experience,like tasting a vintage wine or admiring a painting, - Author: Andrea Illy
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#19. The arts especially address the idea of aesthetic experience. An aesthetic experience is one in which your senses are operating at their peak; when you're present in the current moment; when you're resonating with the excitement of this thing that you're experiencing; when you are fully alive. - Author: Ken Robinson
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#20. The foundations of the world are to be found, not in the cognitive experience of conscious thought, but in the aesthetic experience of everyday life. - Author: Alfred North Whitehead
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#21. Our ideals of freedom, set forth and realized in our Constitution, are our greatest export to the world. - Author: Robert Byrd
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#22. No one cares about the artist Kafka, who troubles us with his puzzling aesthetic, because we'd rather have Kafka as the fusion of experience and work, the Kafka who had a difficult relationship with his father and didn't know how to deal with women. - Author: Milan Kundera
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#23. The critic can affect my aesthetic theories only by affecting my aesthetic experience. All systems of aesthetics must be based on personal experience--that is to say, they must be subjective. - Author: Clive Bell
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#24. There are a few dogmas and double standards and really regrettable exports from philosophy that have confounded the thinking of scientists on the subject of morality. - Author: Sam Harris
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#25. I'm definitely incredibly attracted to the aesthetic of what is typically deemed goth stuff, but. A lot of my experience growing up was in being around that kind of thing, and it's just what sinks into a person's brain. - Author: Jhonen Vasquez
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#26. Mankind's self-alienation has reached such a degree that it can experience its own destruction as an aesthetic pleasure of the first order. - Author: Jerry Mander
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#27. Needing to have reality confirmed and experience enhanced by photographs is an aesthetic consumerism to which everyone is now addicted. Industrial societies turn their citizens into image-junkies; it is the most irresistible form of mental pollution. - Author: Susan Sontag
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#28. I've never really played everyday people. I've played realist roles, but not mere daily life. There was always something incredible happening to my characters. - Author: Sandrine Bonnaire
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#29. The principle objectives in life are love, the creation and enjoyment if aesthetic experience, the pursuit of knowledge. Love comes a long way first. - Author: John Maynard Keynes
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#30. The process of preparing programs for a digital computer is especially attractive, not only because it can economically and scientifically rewarding, but also because it can be an aesthetic experience much like composing poetry or music. - Author: Donald Knuth
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