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Top 75 Quotes About Abusers

#1. When you can identify the insecurities inside the person that is hurting you then you can begin to heal. It isn't about you. It is about their past. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#2. This is how you survive the unsurvivable, this is how you lose that which you cannot bear to lose, this is how you reinvent yourself, overcome your abusers, fulfill your ambitions and meet the love of your life: by following what is true, no matter where it leads you. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
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#3. An abuser isn't abusive 24/7. They usually demonstrate positive character traits most of the time. That's what makes the abuse so confusing when it happens, and what makes leaving so much more difficult. - Author: Miya Yamanouchi
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#4. When you disolve the abuse inside, all the abusers outside are disolved by inner god force. - Author: S.Ali
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#5. Religion to me was only something to be used and abused, as it had done nothing for me other than give me pain. Religion for me was a method used to gain an extra bottle of wine or a nice meal. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#6. If you like capitalism, you will positively love depressions, because they are one and the same, like manic-depressives and their cycles, like spouse-abusers and their storms of violence. - Author: Kenny Smith
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#7. Only an abuser can make the decision to stop abusing. - Author: Ted Nugent
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#8. Just as much as the media portray child sexual exploitation as being a 'hidden' crime, then that is no less of a case with child physical abuse. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#9. To those who abuse: the sin is yours, the crime is yours, and the shame is yours. To those who protect the perpetrators: blaming the victims only masks the evil within, making you as guilty as those who abuse. Stand up for the innocent or go down with the rest. - Author: Flora Jessop
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#10. From a young boy's viewpoint this could not get any worse, especially when you were told that you belonged to the devil, and this bullying of me went on for a long time. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#11. Because of the consequences of trying to be heard as a child, many adults are unable to take the risk of telling as adults. The fear of the consequences is almost debilitating. The abusers and controllers know that; they rely on it. - Author: Darlene Ouimet
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#12. Animal abusers are not the only culprits - the consumers are the biggest abusers! As long as buyers, users, attendees at animal performances, etc., keep using, abusers keep abusing!!! - Author: Adela Popescu
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#13. You might think the Bangkok Hilton (the nickname of a fictional prison in Bangkok) was tough, well that was paradise compared to this place! - Author: Stephen Richards
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#14. I don't have any doubt in my mind that there will come a time when we will see violence against animal rights abusers. - Author: Jerry Vlasak
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#15. To move into restoration does not mean the abusers never did anything wrong. Moving forward is also not an indicator that their actions never harmed you. What restoration does is provide the ability for survivors to bring hope back into their lives; maybe for the first time. - Author: Shannon Thomas
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#16. We want to continue the efforts against domestic violence and spread the drug courts, and develop real effective means of providing treatment for drug abusers without having to have them arrested. - Author: Janet Reno
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#17. Abusers are engineers and architects and janitors and police officers and any other walk of life. There's not a job or profession that is exempt. - Author: Kim Gandy
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#18. It appears that DDNOS is the intentional goal of these abusers, but DID sometimes results from a failure of programming.
In DDNOS, the ANP is always present, even when another part is in control of the behavior and feelings. - Author: Alison Miller
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#19. (To the haters) You are not extinguishing the bright lights of mankind, you're simply burying yourself in an unmarked grave. - Author: Stefan Molyneux
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#20. To my abusers: I forgive you. - Author: Pattie Mallette
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#21. Your experiences with a few battered babies and drug abusers does not justify your embrace of a monster. - Author: Stephen King
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#22. I was becoming a product of society, a hardened juvenile! Now I was becoming rebellious and hateful. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#23. Their strength was being strong enough to live no matter what happened to them. Instead of seeing their strengths, they saw what made them weak. They let their abusers win. - Author: April Thompson
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#24. With regards pedophilia I have always looked on it as that ... pedophilia. I thought that one religion is no different to the other and I am now truthfully beginning to think that. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#25. From spending ten years in hell and coming to this regime of kindness was a shock. It was so much of a shock, it was unbelievable. I was like an untamed animal, I couldn't accept it and I just wouldn't accept it. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#26. Social anxiety results from being around people who are resolutely opposed to who you are. - Author: Stefan Molyneux
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#27. It is really exhausting to live in a dictatorship of 'Me', which is basically a tyranny of others. - Author: Stefan Molyneux
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#28. On top of dealing with the emotional trauma associated with conscious and unconscious recalling, you must deal with the possibility of no one believing you or making you doubt your experiences. When women speak out about their abusers, they have to deal with the police and society not believing them - Author: Malebo Sephodi
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#29. How could she love him after what he did to her? How could she contemplate taking him back?" It's sad that those are the first thoughts that run through our minds when someone is abused. Shouldn't there be more distaste in our mouths for the abusers than for those who continue to love the abusers? I - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#30. Criminally negligent narcissists, child endangerers, child abusers, religious maniacs, and kleptoparasites, meaning they stole from their own descendants. These things happen. - Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
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#31. As long as we see abusers as victims, or as out-of-control monsters, they will continue getting away with ruining lives. If we want abusers to change, we will have to require them to give up the luxury of exploitation. - Author: Lundy Bancroft
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#32. Because the perpetrators typically have little understanding as to why they are sexually assaulting children, they usually are unable to stop after the first assault. Abusive behavior continues until a crisis of some kind prevents further abuse. - Author: Tony Martens
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#33. Few people are aware of the severe human rights violations committed daily by family court judges across the country. These courts are siding over and over again with proven sexual abusers of children and batterers of women. I wouldn't believe it myself if I hadn't done so much investigating. - Author: Lundy Bancroft
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#34. It is the role of good journalism to take on powerful abusers, and when powerful abusers are taken on, there's always a bad reaction. So we see that controversy, and we believe that is a good thing to engage in. - Author: Julian Assange
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#35. Abused people cling to their abusers. - Author: Robert Galbraith
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#36. I was only going to say that abused people cling to their abusers, don't they? They've been brainwashed to believe there's no alternative. I was the bloody alternative, standing there, right in front of her! - Author: Robert Galbraith
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#37. I recently spoke at a university where a student told me it was such a shame that Nigerian men were physical abusers like the father character in my novel. I told him that I had recently read a novel called American Psycho,and that it was a shame that young Americans were serial murderers. - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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#38. I saw the bruises, the burns, the cuts - I knew which ones had been done to you by someone you thought you could trust. Someone you thought loved you. I knew which ones you gave yourself. - Author: Abby Norman
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#39. Thomas was the most loving, wonderful, and attentive husband that I could ever imagine on some days, and on others it was as if I married Lucifer himself. - Author: Sara Niles
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#40. I have beaten people into the ground and the more they cry the more of a beating I gave them. If they don't cry, I come off, if they cry then I will beat them and beat them and beat them. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#41. Controllers, abusers, and manipulative people don't question themselves. They don't ask themselves if the problem is them. They always say the problems is someone else. - Author: Darlene Ouimet
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#42. Abusers thrive on creating confusion, including confusion about the abuse itself. - Author: Lundy Bancroft
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#43. Domestic abusers and the abused need to develop healthy support systems... - Author: Asa Don Brown
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#44. Boy lovers and the lesbians who have young lovers ... are not child molesters. The child abusers are priests, teachers, therapists, cops and parents who force their staid morality onto the young people in their custody. - Author: Patrick Califia
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#45. There are people who are 'toxic', then there are 'poisonous' people...
We find them in various degrees in critics, cynics, haters, fault finders, bullies, abusers, envious, jealous, insecure people..
What do we do to toxins and poison...is what we do to them as well..!!! - Author: Abha Maryada Banerjee
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#46. We should hold abusers - and no one else - responsible for the damage they inflict. - Author: Leslie Morgan Steiner
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#47. Never believe a man's claim that he has to harm his partner in order to protect her; only abusers think this way. - Author: Lundy Bancroft
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#48. When people conclude that anger causes abuse, they are confusing cause and effect. Ray was not abusive because he was angry; he was angry because he was abusive. Abusers carry attitudes that produce fury. - Author: Lundy Bancroft
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#49. Any woman who stays with her abuser beyond the first incident is complicitous with him. - Author: Camille Paglia
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#50. The question is never "Why the addiction?" but "Why the pain?" The research literature is unequivocal: most hard-core substance abusers come from abusive homes. - Author: Gabor Mate
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#51. I wanted to write something from a child's viewpoint ... Five of the characters I have played in movies have either been abused or became abusers, themselves, and I just kind of felt like there was a need. - Author: Meg Tilly
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#52. Hats off to drug abusers everywhere. - Author: Jerry Coleman
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#53. Violet remembered that slap; later her mother had called it a "love tap," as if to further confuse love with pain. - Author: Koren Zailckas
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#54. The abuser knows where you work. Even if a woman goes underground at night, the abuser knows where to find her during the day. - Author: Gordon Campbell
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#55. Often we take personally the slings and arrows of our 'abusers'. But frequently we are merely the interchangeable pawns of their own neurotic dramas. Anyone else in your position would have received the same treatment. There is nothing especially noxious or negatively noteworthy about you. - Author: Brian L. Weiss
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#56. One-on-one approaches to overcoming abuse work well only when the wider community pulls together to create an environment in which the victims are supported and the abusers held accountable. - Author: Lundy Bancroft
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#57. Just take them rascals [rapists, killers, child abusers] out in the swamp / Put 'em on their knees and tie 'em to a stump / Let the rattlers and the bugs and the alligators do the rest, - Author: Charlie Daniels
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#58. If animal abusers aren't going to stop perpetrating these types of atrocities, they ought to be stopped using whatever means necessary. What we're starting to see is the implementation of that type of strategy. - Author: Jerry Vlasak
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#59. Another California study counted 30,000 substance abusers who are pregnant are White woman. So, The Wire paints the picture of drug addiction, drug dealing, and drug abuse as being a specifically a Black issue. - Author: Ishmael Reed
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#60. Many alters can be "stuck in the past" and still think it is 1968 or 1987 or some other year when they were still physically a child and the abusers were in charge of them. - Author: Alison Miller
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#61. A lot of attention has been given over to the Catholic Churches sexual abuse of children in their care, but this attention seems to have been hijacked by the media and has overshadowed the many thousands of victims that endured physical abuse. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#62. I dived out of the office and I was gone ... hitting these fields like a mad March hare. This wasn't Born Free, it was RUN FREE! - Author: Stephen Richards
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#63. Shouldn't there be more distaste in our mouths for the abusers than for those who continue to love the abusers? - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#64. We are all potential murderers, and we are all potential rapists and abusers. - Author: Volkmar Sigusch
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#65. At the factory, I deal with ex-cons, substance abusers, and sexual harassers. And I'm not just talking about my mom. - Author: George Lopez
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#66. It is always a mistake to underestimate how long it takes for mankind to understand the traumas it has suffered, especially the self-inflicted ones. - Author: A.C. Grayling
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#67. Do you realize how many abusers are walking around unpunished? How many rape charges are dropped because of 'insufficient' evidence, or how many date rapists get away with what they've done because the victim is too scared to tell anyone? - Author: Elle Kennedy
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#68. No matter what tight corner I was in, I was capable of getting myself out of it ... not God! - Author: Stephen Richards
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#69. The vast majority of women who say that they are being abused are telling the truth. I know this to be true because the abusers let their guard down with me, belying their denial. - Author: Lundy Bancroft
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#70. Victim-stancing - whereby the offender claims and believes that s/he is the real victim (one of the most prevalent sophistries in the false memory controversies) - Author: Harvey L. Schwartz
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#71. Asset freezes and travel bans are cost-effective tools for punishing humanrights abusers. Why not use them more often? - Author: Anonymous
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#72. All these do-gooders make it sound like you just have to repent and off you go to heaven, but what about all the atrocities the Catholic religion did to us? Who pays for that! They just took over our lives!! - Author: Stephen Richards
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#73. Abusers drive wedges between people, by accident or by design. - Author: Lundy Bancroft
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#74. The capacity for dissociation enables the young child to exercise their innate life-sustaining need for attachment in spite of the fact that principal attachment figures are also principal abusers. - Author: Warwick Middleton
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#75. Your life was meant for more than being a life-long doormat for deadbeats, losers, gossipers, nay-sayers, dream-crushers, energy vampires, users, abusers, ragers and passive-aggressive backstabbers. - Author: Bryant McGill
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