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Top 100 Quotes About A Hard Year

#1. Work hard. I got tenure a year early. Junior faculty members used to say to me: 'Wow, what's your secret?' I said: 'It's pretty simple. Call me any Friday night in my office at 10 o'clock, and I'll tell you.' - Author: Randy Pausch
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#2. When you're unemployed for six months or a year, it is hard to qualify for a lease, so even the option of relocating to find a job is often off the table. - Author: Janet Yellen
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#3. It suits here now to forget last year, but she'll never make me forget last year, not if I live to be a hundred. I didn't know much then. I know now that there's people like her who want to be friendly for what you do, not what you are. - Author: K.M. Peyton
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#4. People don't get involved with local charities or politics because they think it's hard to make a difference and the problem feels overwhelming. But I believe that if all I've time for this year is to write one letter to the local council, it's still worth doing. - Author: Monica Ali
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#5. I started writing because it was hard to find acting jobs. I didn't like any monologues in auditions, so I started to write my own things. Since then, I have written a couple of shows. I was nominated for playwright of the year for a play I wrote called 'Potential Space.' - Author: Kirsten Vangsness
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#6. The concept of a troubled, lonely, middle-class, gay fifty-eight-year-old living alone in dusty squalor in a chocolate-box cottage in the heart of the Cotswolds was a hard one to grasp in the context of his sweaty, noisy, hectic, foreign, red-light existence. - Author: Lisa Jewell
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#7. Our brand of democracy is hard. But I can promise that a year from now, when I no longer hold this office, I'll be right there with you as a citizen - inspired by those voices of fairness and vision, of grit and good humor and kindness that have helped America travel so far. - Author: Barack Obama
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#8. I am a 36-year-old person with breast cancer, and not many people know that that happens to women my age or women in their 20s. This is my opportunity now to go out and fight as hard as I can for early detection. - Author: Christina Applegate
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#9. One metric catches people. We prefer businesses that drown in cash. An example of a different business is construction equipment. You work hard all year and there is your profit sitting in the yard. We avoid businesses like that. We prefer those that can write us a check at the end of the year. - Author: Charlie Munger
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#10. I think as a species we're not designed to be able to think more than one year into the future - if that. Even trying to imagine one year from now makes most people feel like they've been given a huge boring chunk of homework that's too hard to do. - Author: Douglas Coupland
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#11. I think when you're a director, it's hard to do something unless you're absolutely over-the-moon in love with it. The audience, they spend 90 minutes with it, but for you, it's anywhere between a year and a half to three years of your life, every day, working on it. - Author: Adam Green
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#12. My review of 2001, the year, is the same as my review of 2001: A Space Odyssey. It went on too long, it was hard to follow, and you could only enjoy it if you were really, really, *really* stoned. - Author: Lewis Black
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#13. In a city, it's very hard to do a restaurant, an avant-garde-cuisine restaurant, where each year you need to change the whole menu. - Author: Ferran Adria
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#14. I don't eat any dairy products at all, usually - it's a self-imposed ban. I've done it for a year now, since I was ill, but it's so hard. - Author: Sam Taylor-Johnson
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#15. I was an assistant director for a year, and I realized, 'God, this is a lot of hard work. This is going to take time. So what's the shortcut? What's the better option?' Then thankfully, someone said, 'Why don't you become an actor?' - Author: Emraan Hashmi
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#16. Intimate justice touches on ideas of gender inequity, violence, bodily integrity, physical and mental health. I don't expect a 15-year-old girl to have that figured out; it's hard enough to have it figured out when you're 50. - Author: Peggy Orenstein
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#17. It's hard to talk about guns without sounding defensive or blustery. I'm pro-gun the same way I'm pro-potato fork. I use them both to gather food for the year, with the caveat that if you break into my house, I won't be waiting for yo at the top of the stairs with a potato fork. - Author: Michael Perry
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#18. The fans in Dallas were hard on me my first year, but after having a great year last year they are now supporting me. It feels great to have my hard work pay off, especially when the fans made it hard for me. - Author: Steve Nash
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#19. Yes, long hours and a hard life for my parents, but for a six to seven year old every new day dawned with fresh excitement when you have not a care in the world, and so much to learn and witness. - Author: Vernon L. Smith
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#20. Summer was supposed to be the best part of the year, but so far Nikki's summer sucked. It sucked hard. It sucked like a vacuum that got hold of the drapes. - Author: Holly Black
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#21. A housing renaissance has begun. This may be hard to believe after the dizzying, six-year-long crash in home sales, construction and house prices. But housing turned the corner last year, and it will take off in 2013. - Author: Mark Zandi
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#22. I turned 54 this year and I find myself feeling like I'm in a bit of a race to get down on paper the way I really feel about life - or the way it has presented to me. And because it has presented to me very beautifully, this is hard. It is technically very hard to show positive manifestations. - Author: George Saunders
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#23. This year I spent two months in Australia, and I did all the training camps in London. It was a really hard winter because I want to give the best performance of my career at the Olympic Games! That is the only title I'm missing and I will do my best to take it! - Author: Peter Kauzer
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#24. Most teams have one All-Star, whether that guy made it this year or earlier in his career, and some teams have two All-Stars. What theyre showing is that a group of five guys that play together and play hard will always beat a team with two All-Stars and three average players. - Author: Ray Allen
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#25. Even though 'Glee' is sometimes a hard road, I am very excited about writing a multi-year arc. - Author: Ryan Murphy
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#26. When you're a fifty-year-old woman, no one really bothers to look at you anymore, much less value your opinion. It's hard on the old ego. But damn, it does make it easy to get away with a lot. - Author: Tess Gerritsen
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#27. It's hard to say what drives a three year-old, but I think I had a sense that nature was my solace, and nature was a place in which there was beauty, in which there was order. - Author: Story Musgrave
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#28. I couldn't be messing around and acting like an 11-year-old if we expected to compete well. I wanted to compete well, because it was great to see the looks in the eyes of men-like, "Wow, I am having a hard time beating this kid." - Author: Karch Kiraly
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#29. A fawn eats the equivalent of its body weight every twenty-four hours." "How do you know that?" "Read it in a book. I read sixty books last year." "Geez," he said. "Why?" "'Cause there wasn't time to read more," she said with a superior sniff. "Hard - Author: Susan Wiggs
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#30. I was a good student. By 8th grade, you've basically learned everything. By senior year, we was drinking, we was kickin' it, we was rapping. It wasn't really like business, hard work. - Author: Dreezy
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#31. One year later, I grew out of my clothes because, it turns out, growing fourteen inches in a summer is easy. It's growing out of a label that's hard. Which - Author: Jennifer Niven
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#32. It's very hard for someone who makes $1,000 a year or some who makes less than $1 a day to care about the environment. - Author: Ian Bremmer
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#33. Biggest lesson I learned my first year in the NFL is no one gives a crap about what you did last week. This league is about what have you done for me now. That's the NFL. It's also our culture. So you keep working hard because that's the biggest truth about football. - Author: Andrew Luck
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#34. I miss Texas so bad. That's the hard part about being out here in L.A., trying to pursue acting and music and lighting and production and stuff. It takes a lot of time out from your personal life, and I can only get back to Texas three times a year at most. It's tough. - Author: Jackson Rathbone
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#35. Athol Fugard became famous as a playwright, so although 'Tsotsi' the book was written in the '60s, it was only published in the '80s. It was then optioned pretty much every year by producers. I think the problem was that holding onto its period setting made it very hard to get finance. - Author: Gavin Hood
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#36. If at any time all labour should cease, and all existing provisions be equally divided among the people, at the end of a single year there could scarcely be one human being left alive
all would have perished by want of subsistence. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
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#37. Tennis is a hard sport. There is a lot of competition all year and you play alone. - Author: Rafael Nadal
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#38. My family moved to Israel when I was eight until I was 10, and then we came back, and my parents split up. I was suddenly in a single-parent home and on scholarship. Fifth grade was such a hard year for me. - Author: Natasha Lyonne
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#39. I write a book over a period of months or years, and when I'm done with it, usually another year goes by before I see it in print. It's hard to be patient and wait. - Author: Margaret Haddix
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#40. It's 1936, in Flint, Michigan. Times are hard. Ten-year-old Bud is a motherless boy on the run, and his momma never told him who his father was. But she left a clue: posters of Herman - Author: Christopher Paul Curtis
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#41. I'm not a dieter. I have the palate of a 7-year-old boy, although I'm working on it. I order off the kids' menu! I'm working hard to eat more fruit and veggies and round it all out, but I'm a big pretzels and Diet Coke kind of girl. - Author: Allison Williams
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#42. I used to write a monthly column for the 'New York Times' syndicate. But I stopped because I found it really hard to have one extreme opinion a month. I don't know how these columnists have two or three ideas a week; I was having difficulty having 12 things to say a year. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#43. People think that there is so much money in tennis, but the reality is unless you're ranked in about the top 50 you don't earn much at all. It is hard to support yourself travelling the world, to be away from home most of the year and to pay for a coach to help you become a better player. - Author: Samantha Stosur
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#44. Bush's life is that a fundamentally decent man presided over a moment when politics got meaner and rougher. '88 was the year of the handler, of bringing in political consultants who played very hard and very tough'. - Author: Evan Thomas
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#45. We are so used to multi-tasking. 2014 was probably the most productive year of my life ... But I noticed during the last couple of months when I would get alone with God it was hard to do one thing at a time. - Author: Francis Chan
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#46. When 'Avatar' came out, we were out non-stop for a year and a half doing red carpet events. I had a stylist who helped me, but it was really hard, and we couldn't find many sustainable dresses. - Author: Suzy Amis
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#47. In my sophomore year, a kid told me that the secret to getting women is to play really, really hard to get. I followed his advice, and I didn't have so much as a date that year. - Author: Greg Kinnear
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#48. Put a tray of cookies out and the Ravens were like a bunch of eight-year-olds, not a clubhouse full of hard-ass bikers. - Author: Laura Kaye
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#49. Seems like my iron play gets a little better every year. Which makes sense - I've been working hard on things with my teacher, Jim McLean. - Author: Keegan Bradley
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#50. Charlie and I discovered at a really young at that we had a passion for figure skating, and I think that passion drives us to work every day to improve and grow. We have really learned to love our sport more and more, year to year. And the hard work really pays off. - Author: Meryl Davis
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#51. When I was 13, I told my dad I wanted to move to Florida to attend the IMG Academy. I wanted to be a golfer, and that's hard to do in New England where I could only practice half the year. - Author: Peter Uihlein
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#52. Just for the record, I'm in favor of drug testing EVERY year just as long as it's a level playing field. The problem arises that a lot of these substances are hard to detect. So, it's very difficult to have true, drug-free bodybuilding competition, especially on the professional level. - Author: Lee Labrada
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#53. I worked hard at my four-year M.A., but got a 2.1. That was a big disappointment, as I wanted to write about history and thought I needed a First. - Author: Saul David
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#54. The competition, the naysayers, the owners who talk too much. The people who don't think a 36-year-old can do what I do. I take a lot of pride in my craft, I work really hard at my craft everyday, and I'm a true professional. - Author: Kevin Garnett
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#55. Well, some mathematics problems look simple, and you try them for a year or so, and then you try them for a hundred years, and it turns out that they're extremely hard to solve. - Author: Andrew Wiles
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#56. It's one of the greatest honors I could ever imagine - to be able to represent my country and to be able to wear "USA" on my back. It's an incredible honor. It's an accomplishment of the past four year but of a life of dreaming and working hard and doing everything I can in pursuit of this goal. - Author: Elana Meyers
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#57. She was a soul-sucking vampire and I was a sixteen-year-old cheerleader, but I was damned if she was going to suck the life out of all my friends. High school was hard enough. - Author: Marlene Perez
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#58. Fishtale River Guides are personable and very knowledgeable. I like a guide who'll talk to me and explain what's going on. They work hard to help me catch my fish. I fish with them at least twice a year. - Author: Chuck Austen
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#59. The girl wouldn't last the year. Girls like her were soft and easy to break. Lowborns always wanted glory until they realized the hard work it entailed. Darren had worked hard for everything, and a girl who tried to take that away? Well, she wasn't worth very much. - Author: Rachel E. Carter
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#60. I know Penny Toler and coach Ross have worked hard to put together a strong team this year, and I am ready to start the season with my teammates. - Author: Candace Parker
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#61. Ben hid a wince behind his hand, trying very hard not to think of seventy-year-old Ellie Verstgard rolling around with Mr. Wenner. Despite his best resistance, the image scrolled across his brain and took some of his love for the world with it. - Author: Victoria Dahl
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#62. It's hard to really get that excited about movies. Think about it like this: how many good comedy movies come out a year? Maybe one or two? And then, in those movies, what are the chances that there's a character that I'm the best fit to play? It's really small! - Author: Aziz Ansari
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#63. Everybody had a hard year,
everybody had a good time,
everybody had a wet dream,
everybody saw the sun shine ... - Author: The Beatles
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#64. Imagine," she said, her face turning serious for a moment, "imagine if something happened to one of us and there was no Easter egg hunt next year, imagine if everything stopped being perfect - you would wish so hard that you'd taken part today . . . - Author: Lisa Jewell
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#65. Learning lines is hard for me because I have the attention span of a six year old. That's why being on planes all the time is so useful - I'm forced to learn out of boredom. - Author: Eddie Redmayne
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#66. My wife always knows exactly," he said. There was a bit of tobacco on his wet lip. "But that's probably because she only lets me do it twice a year, Valentine's and my birthday, so it's not hard to figure." He stepped out the door and then turned to say, "I got two kids born in - Author: Alice McDermott
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#67. Cool it," cried Olga. "Working hard is what I do! Can't be perfect. Going to school not cheap and what are you doing here, a beauty nobody want. My first year was ok, only five or ten times knocked down, then later more and more. He says I'm no lady and gotta work harder for his dollar. - Author: J.M.K. Walkow
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#68. I work three months really hard, nonstop, and then I take a month off. Then I do it all over again. I work hard but I give myself four breaks a year. - Author: Tyler Perry
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#69. Have you any idea how hard it is to go nine months out of the year with no sex when you're married to such a fine piece of male anatomy that he should have been the god of fertility instead of the god of death? - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#70. It's hard when you put a year of good work into something and someone at the top says no, and they pull your show's title off a bulletin board and chuck it in the trash. - Author: Tyler Labine
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#71. I once was poor myself. I worked to get where I am today and I've worked hard to spend $100,000 a year on my clothes and I've worked hard to earn $3 million a year. I deserve what I get because I worked for it. - Author: Liberace
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#72. Take a random group of 8-year-old American and Japanese kids, give them all a really, really hard math problem, and start a stopwatch. The American kids will give up after 30, 40 seconds. If you let the test run for 15 minutes, the Japanese kids will not have given up. You have to take it away. - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
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#73. I'm definitely playing next year. That's my ace in the hole. It's a little hard to sit back and watch the guys [this season], but it's easier knowing I've got something to look forward to. - Author: Tedy Bruschi
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#74. Roger Goodell makes $40 million a year, which more than compensates him for the most difficult and sensitive decision in his nine years as commissioner: How hard to come down on Tom Brady, the best quarterback in NFL history, who Goodell told me last year is a "great ambassador for the game" - Author: Gary Myers
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#75. Why do I get the feeling that if you give me a hard time, I'll tell all of our year-mates your family nickname is Meathead? - Author: Tamora Pierce
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#76. It's fascinating for us women to begin looking at our lives in five-year plans. It really does help you keep on track. If that's too hard, start with a two-year plan. - Author: Marlo Thomas
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#77. So: now a new year, a new beginning. I've vowed not to complain. I'm too good at it, and need to practice other skills. I've also vowed to work very hard ... - Author: Claire Messud
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#78. [2010] was a rough year. Between my divorce and the other things I went through, a lot happened. It's hard for anyone to go through that in public. But when you're a celebrity and under a microscope, it's 58 million times harder. I grew an even thicker skin after that hard year. - Author: Christina Aguilera
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#79. I suffered, I really suffered, with all three of my husbands. And I tried damn hard with all three, starting each marriage certain that it was going to last until the end of my life. Yet none of them lasted more than a year or two. - Author: Ava Gardner
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#80. Year after year, the senior command placed a lone rifle company inside the Korengal, with power hard enough to antagonize the villagers but not overwhelming enough to break their will to fight. - Author: Bing West
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#81. Typecasting is something I have to be careful with, since I play myself on Geek & Sundry so much on my weekly show 'The Flog.' That's why I did 'Dragon Age: Redemption' last year, so I could do something a little more dramatic and hard-edged. - Author: Felicia Day
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#82. So I made up my mind I was going to find someone who would love me unconditionally three hundred and sixty-five days a year.
Watanabe: Wow, and did your search pay off?
M: That's the hard part. I guess I've been waiting so long I'm looking for perfection. That makes it tough. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#83. I'm a guy who has always been a late bloomer on every level. I've always wanted to get into the league as a kid. Who would have thought during my senior year at college that I would be where I am now? It's been a lot of hard work and never stopping. - Author: Kevin Martin
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#84. There's a lot of work that goes into it - if you think about how many collections a year that Karl Lagerfeld has to do, with Chanel and all the other things he does - you can't do that unless you are working 18 hours a day. It's really a lot of hard, hard work. - Author: Penelope Cruz
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#85. Golf is a game to me. Other players work extremely hard all year long. I work hard before Augusta. I know I get good results when I practice, but it also wears me out. It literally wore me out even when I was in my 20s. - Author: Fred Couples
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#86. He didn't require some eighteen-year-old to make his cock hard. He wanted a woman, one with lines in her face that said she'd done some living and had learned to cry. And to laugh. - Author: Cherise Sinclair
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#87. I tour all year, 42 weeks a year, so it's hard for me to remember every place I play. - Author: Debbie Reynolds
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#88. I am smart, I am talented, I take advantage of the opportunities that come my way and I work really, really hard.
Don't call me lucky.
Call me a badas. - Author: Shonda Rhimes
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#89. I live in L.A., I go on tour all the time, I'm in New York half the year - it's very hard to be in a relationship. - Author: Aziz Ansari
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#90. When I was 17, I blew out my knee bouldering, and I wasn't able to climb for a year. It was hard for me to have to stay away from what I love and what makes me happy. But it was a wake-up call to take care of my body and not be too reckless. - Author: Chris Sharma
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#91. Christmas Day itself is always bittersweet, because it's the last day of that beautiful magick that's been building up like a tidal wave for the past month. In just a week it will be hard to even remember what it's like. I'll be brokenhearted at the thought of it being gone again for an entire year. - Author: Damien Echols
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#92. Over a 10-year period, 99 out of 100 new entrepreneurs will fail. Only one will be left standing as others get pushed out of the market or burn out from working so hard. It's really sad. - Author: Robert Kiyosaki
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#93. Sixth grade was definitely a hard year for me. I got left out because I didn't go to any of the parties or hang out with the 'cool kids.' I was focusing on my academics. I wasn't allowed to go to any of the parties. - Author: Jordan Pruitt
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#94. It is hard to wive and thrive both in a year. - Author: Alfred Lord Tennyson
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#95. I'm excited to win a pole at Atlanta, one of the tracks you look forward to qualifying at every single year, and really happy to beat Ryan Newman, who is hard to beat here. - Author: Kasey Kahne
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#96. Texas has been hit especially hard this year by a continuing drought, threatening high winds and increasingly destructive range fires. Simply, these conditions have lead to extremely adverse conditions in the agriculture industry. - Author: Michael McCaul
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#97. I feel like when I'm match tough and match hard and played a lot of matches I got that competitive winning spirit going and I can get on some rolls like I did last year. I won San Jose, Indian Wells and made the semifinals in Miami so it can happen for me. - Author: Lleyton Hewitt
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#98. There is not enough air in the room for Marianne and Elizabeth to share. They have learned this the hard way, but acceptance of the fact has made life easier. Now they see each other twice a year, for a weekend in the early summer and for the American holiday of Thanksgiving - Author: Jessica Shattuck
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#99. All through my senior year, luckily, I didn't have too many hard classes, just a lot of electives. I was able to spend most of my time at the practice space. - Author: Brendon Urie
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#100. Everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to do the work. I live by that. You grind hard so you can play hard. At the end of the day, you put all the work in, and eventually it'll pay off. It could be in a year, it could be in 30 years. Eventually, your hard work will pay off. - Author: Kevin Hart
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