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Top 15 Quotes About 70th Birthday

#1. God gave you not a spirit of faithlessness, not a spirit of despair. - Author: Joseph Barber Lightfoot
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#2. We need precise words for Jesus. Otherwise, Christian theology is built on a foundation of sand. - Author: Amos Smith
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#3. When you don't have much money, you worry that they'll just put you in the ground someplace and your loved ones won't know where you are. - Author: B.B. King
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#4. I was amazed at the house that I grew up in; it looks practically identical to the way it was, but I couldn't recognize it because of the size of the trees. - Author: Jim Fowler
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#5. You need to be sharp the whole race, and eventually you start getting mentally tired and make little mistakes over and over. - Author: Joey Logano
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#6. I thought a bit of poetry might be interesting - I even write a few lines myself. I composed a short poem for my mum's 70th birthday recently. When I recited it I saw the glint of a tear in her eye ... although I guess it wasn't the quality of the poetry was that making her cry! - Author: Iain Dowie
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#7. I went to a boarding school with a strong Maori tradition, where we were taught all about the haka. - Author: Jonah Lomu
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#8. I grew up in Tennessee, and if you didn't play football, you were a sissy. I got slurs all the time because I was in music and art ... I was an outcast in a lot of ways ... but everything that you get picked on for or you feel makes you weird is essentially what's going to make you sexy as an adult. - Author: Justin Timberlake
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#9. The idea that God will pardon a rebel who has not given up his rebellion is contrary both to the Scriptures and to common sense. - Author: Aiden Wilson Tozer
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#10. Life's real victories must be shared. - Author: William J. Clinton
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#11. Just like the moon, I'll step aside, and let your sun shine while I follow behind ... - Author: Natasha Bedingfield
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#12. On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi's 70th birthday. Generations to come, it may well be, will scarce believe that such a man as this one ever in flesh and blood walked upon this Earth. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#13. As far as those kinds of things, I also played at the concert to call for the release of Nelson Mandela when he was a political prisoner in South Africa. We were celebrating his 70th birthday and calling for his release. - Author: Jackson Browne
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#14. At 50, I thought proudly: Here we are, half century! Being 60 was fairly frightening. You want to know how I spent my 70th birthday? I put on a completely black face, a fuzzy black Afro wig, wore black clothes and hung a black wreath on my door. - Author: Bette Davis
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#15. The after-party is always at a restaurant, and for me, the fun starts when I get a cheese platter. That's as f-ed up as I get. - Author: Kate McKinnon
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