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#1. Cities make people sick; they create living dead! Get away from the cities in every possible occasion! River does no harm to you; forest does no harm to you; wild flowers do no harm to you! When you are in nature, you are amongst the friends! Be clever, be in the nature! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#2. Any powerful technology can be abused. - Author: K. Eric Drexler
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#3. An education which does not cultivate the will is an education that depraves the mind. - Author: Anatole France
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#4. Everything was an adventure, at night, when you were where you shouldn't be, even if it was somwhere you could go perfectly well in daylight, and it was then only ordinary. - Author: Robin McKinley
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#5. I had a dream where I was taken to Heaven and brought into a beautiful library. There I was given two golden books that were covered with dust. The Lord told me they were golden treasure that was needed for the Body of Christ to have the knowledge to proceed and succeed in this hour. - Author: Bob Hartley
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#6. Learning how to fight properly and deciding what to fight about are two of the secrets to a successful marriage. It usually comes down to the "line of respect" one way or the other. - Author: James C. Dobson
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#7. Jon looked down on the scene with a frown. "Joffrey is truly a little shit," he told Arya. Ser - Author: George R R Martin
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#8. I got into trouble a while ago for saying that I thought the internet led to increased literacy - people scolded me about the shocking grammar to be found online - but I was talking about fundamentals: quite simply, you can't use the net unless you can read. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#9. Self pity is a disease which does not kill but corrodes. - Author: Aidan Chambers
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#10. Prior to SunRun, I was headed toward a career in venture capital and then realized I wanted to apply my knowledge of finance more directly to helping change the world. - Author: Lynn Jurich
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#11. Love is ill-mannered; it can knock on your heart early, stay late, and leave without saying goodbye. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#12. A great model for this is the way that Dante calls on Virgil at the beginning of The Inferno, The Divine Comedy, to help guide him through the underworld. - Author: Edward Hirsch
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#13. We take it for granted, the world that we love - and we're destroying it so quickly. The light of dawn on the prairie. The silvery flash of fish in a stream. The cry of a hawk over a forest. Everybody has their own idea of the beautiful, and we'll surely miss it when it's gone. - Author: Johan Rockstrom
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#14. Martin Buber suggested that evil prevailed because of the inability of man to imagine the real. Yet human beings do have that capacity. Lord Byron, a poet favored by Alfred Nobel, captured the stark essence of a post-nuclear world in his poem Darkness: - Author: Bernard Lown
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#15. Humility is not about having a low self-image or poor self-esteem. Humility is about self-awareness. - Author: Erwin McManus
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