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#1. Immerse your soul in love. - Author: Thom Yorke
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#2. If you don't look at yourself and evaluate it, you instead see how the world's reacting to it. - Author: Nick Offerman
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#3. Only a complete asshole would keep repeating the same old mistakes and blaming it on something else. Hell, we have all had it hard. It may not seem like it, - Author: Sister Souljah
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#4. ...the longer one stays in full flight from reality, the more painful will be the landing. - Author: Taite Adams
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#5. The idea that the UN system could provide real leadership on the great development challenges will strain credulity in some quarters. - Author: Jeffrey Sachs
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#6. A neat and orderly laboratory is unlikely. It is, after all, so much a place of false starts and multiple attempts. - Author: Isaac Asimov
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#7. That's a deep change in priorities. People are much less political today. They have found other values of life. We are developing normal attitudes, a normal set of priorities. We are growing out of our childhood. - Author: Tom Segev
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#8. We must learn to distinguish morality from moralizing. - Author: Henry A. Kissinger
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#9. Not only is there no longer a mass market, but most of the successful companies, game-changing innovations, and products and services we care about were designed to cater to people at the edges of that curve, not to the average Joe in the middle of it. - Author: Bernadette Jiwa
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#10. Death-bed promises should be broken as lightly as they are seriously made.
-The Gay Old Dog - Author: Edna Ferber
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#11. If I was talking to someone face-to-face I would always be clear, but with something like Snapchat, you need to keep the flirty banter going;otherwise you'll be staring at an empty red arrow, cringing. - Author: Holly Carpenter
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#12. All the cliches of glamorous sophistication have little appeal to me. Do I want to live the British version of 'Dynasty?' No thanks! - Author: Sade Adu
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#13. Give it everything you've got. Leave nothing out there. - Author: Andy Murray
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#14. I came to New York, and it was a really cool time. People like Jim Jarmusch and Spike Lee were making their first movies, and they were making movies that were personal narratives. - Author: Christine Vachon
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#15. a poker-rectumed pillar of the establishment [Marcus Corvinus on a Roman Senator] - Author: David Wishart
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