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Top 15 Quebec Referendum Quotes

#1. I don't really consider myself a female director, and I don't want to do so for other women. Female directors are just directors. - Author: Alante Kavaite
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#2. Surely a man has come to himself only when he has found the best that is in him, and has satisfied his heart with the highest achievement he is fit for. - Author: Woodrow Wilson
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#3. When the Canadian confederation took place in 1867, a lot of people in Quebec said, 'Could we have a referendum?' They said, 'Oh, no. In the British tradition, the Parliament can do anything, excluding changing a man into a woman, and, therefore, no referendum' - and that was that. - Author: Jacques Parizeau
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#4. The power of God will take you out of your own plans and put you into the plan of God. - Author: Smith Wigglesworth
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#5. The expansion of tobacco cessation centers is an important part of our historic and continuing effort to help smokers quit. The expansion of these centers will give even more New Yorkers the help they need to quit once and for all. - Author: George Pataki
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#6. He loved me. He really loved me. And I loved him. In spite of everything that should have kept us apart - our castes, our mistakes, the world around us - we were supposed to be together. - Author: Kiera Cass
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#7. Remove the emotional and physical clutter from your life so you can soar. - Author: Judith Orloff
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#8. Ten years ago, in the aftermath of the referendum in Quebec, the very existence of Canada was on the line ... I had a responsibility to ensure that Canada never again came close to the precipice, - Author: Jean Chretien
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#9. How straight you are for the world, and how you bend and cry for me. I want to go so deep in you we have the same thoughts. - Author: C.D. Reiss
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#10. Is Jason intelligent enough to realise that if you describe a thirty-eight-year-old woman as middle-aged, she's more likely to want to kill you than help you? Because Lauren isn't. - Author: Sophie Hannah
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#11. I could be like Joe Kennedy and say, 'My kids are going to run for president!' - Author: John Catsimatidis
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#12. A Turk for toughness, for hands that never tire; An Indian for her rounded bosom bursting with milk; A Persian for her tight crotch and her coquetry; An Uzbeg to thrash as a lesson for the three. - Author: Khushwant Singh
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#13. All events are but the consummation of preceding causes, clearly seen but not distinctly apprehended. - Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
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#14. All I could see in his slightly lopsided face were his two very bright eyes, which were examining me closely without betraying any definable emotion. And I had the odd impression of being watched by myself. - Author: Albert Camus
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#15. Anyone who says "Trust me" is the last motherfucker you should ever trust. - Author: R.D. Ronald
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