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#1. Hard work is the only way to go. Strive to be the best you can be and remember that when you try your best, you can't ask any more from yourself, and people can't ask any more from you. - Author: Michael Chang
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#2. He tried to make each painting capture that gently fuzzed qualit the camera gave everything, as if someone had patted away a top layer of clarity and left behind something kinder than the eye alone would see. - Author: Hanya Yanagihara
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#3. I would roll out of bed and immediately start working, and keep working until it was so late at night that I couldn't stay awake anymore. Then I'd go to sleep and wake up the next morning and do the same thing all over again. I did that every day for three years. - Author: Michael Azerrad
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#4. When virtues are pointed out first, flaws seem less insurmountable. - Author: Judith Martin
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#5. Everyone has a tale to sob over. Rich or poor - Author: Katie McGarry
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#6. It is a grand thing to see a man thoroughly possessed with one master-passion. Such a man is sure to be strong, and if the master-principle be excellent, he is sure to be excellent, too. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#7. Art is a communication informing man of his own dignity, and of the value of his life, whether in joy or grief, whether in laughter or indignation, beauty or terror ... Man needs the comfort of his own dignity ... And that's what the artisf is for. To give him that comfort. - Author: Robert Nathan
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#8. Even if you have the most perfect marriage ever known to man, the enemy will still try to tear down the fence and destroy it by one means or another. - Author: Stormie O'martian
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#9. Harpo Marx looks like a musical comedy. - Author: Walter Kerr
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#10. The failure to examine heterosexuality as an institution is like failing to admit that the economic system called capitalism or the caste system of racism is maintained by a variety of forces, including both physical violence and false consciousness. - Author: Adrienne Rich
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#11. It's not like I'm sitting at home coming up with some secret beauty plan. - Author: Lara Stone
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#12. I prefer a kiss that is so much more than just a tongue in your mouth. - Author: Katherine Heigl
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#13. Father doesn't think very sudden, but he thinks awful strong. - Author: Kate Douglas Wiggin
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#14. I have my limits, Lauren, he said, low. She knew it, could feel the caged beast hurling against his bars, knew how close he was. - Author: Joey W. Hill
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#15. I'm tired of trying to get other people to see into my brain. I'm done. - Author: Todd McFarlane
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