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#1. Reagan is held up to us as an example of never raising taxes. Correction: Reagan raised taxes six of his eight years as president. Why? He was a pragmatist, not doctrinaire. He saw problems emerging, and when his policies faltered he changed his views. Flexibility, not rigidity. - Author: Eugene Jarecki
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#2. There's an underlying puritanicalness in America that is not that different to the prudishness of Britain - it just manifests itself in different ways. - Author: Eve Ensler
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#3. I've realized that no problem is as hopeless as it first may seem, I've learned how to live day to day and show others how to do the same, and most of all, I've learned how to just be. - Author: Jessie Pavelka
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#4. Among precautions against ambition, it may not be amiss to take precautions against our own. I must fairly say, I dread our own power and our own ambition: I dread our being too much dreaded. - Author: Edmund Burke
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#5. The development of the meaning attaching to the personal self, the conscious being, is the subject matter of the history of psychology. - Author: James Mark Baldwin
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#6. Two things, generally, for me, is what life is about. And they're not funny. Living in the moment, is one. And No. 2 is getting out of yourself and helping other people. Because all of my suffering stems from thinking from myself. - Author: Bobby Lee
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#7. Happiness never decreased by being shared. - Author: Gautama Buddha
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#8. A good thing that is squandered upon bad folk is never remembered by them for good. - Author: Sebastian Evans
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#9. It's not because I love you, but because I only love you. If I don't have you, then I won't have any other choices. - Author: Joo
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