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#1. Let anyone laugh and taunt if he so wishes. I am not keeping silent, nor am I hiding the signs and wonders that were shown to me by the Lord many years before they happened, who knew everything, even before the beginning of time. - Author: Saint Patrick
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#2. I can live with you hating me for that. I'll have to. I can even live with you not hating him. Just dont forgive him, Molly-not all the way. He doesn't deserve that. And neither do you. - Author: Kimberly McCreight
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#3. Some of what makes growing up hard for famous kids is that they don't have room to do immature stuff. I was really happy that I could go to school and hang out behind the alley and be somewhat irresponsible. - Author: Tavi Gevinson
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#4. A valuable friend is one who'll tell you what you should be told, even if it offends you. - Author: Frank A. Clark
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#5. You can't be a superhero or super mom. - Author: Thalia
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#6. Time had to be created to make the existence of life on earth possible. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#7. I'm very serious; I don't waste my earnings. - Author: Eva Herzigova
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#8. I have had stalkers over the years. The police deal with it but it is very scary. One man kept turning up where we filmed 'Countdown in Leeds,' which was scary. It was sad as he'd been sectioned and thought I was talking to him through the TV. - Author: Carol Vorderman
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#9. Reading the Gospels, without the personality of Jesus, is like watching television with the sound turned off. - Author: John Eldredge
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#10. Hard work, determination, discipline and dedication will determine your level of success. - Author: Angela Khristin Brown
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#11. Any new technology, if it's used by evil people, bad things can happen. But that's more a question of the politics of the technology. - Author: Geoffrey Hinton
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