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#1. There are no 'if's' in God's world. And no places that are safer than other places. The center of His will is our only safety - let us pray that we may always know it! - Author: Corrie Ten Boom
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#2. You're the only person whom I want to know about me. - Author: Hiro Fujiwara
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#3. I have a good shopping relationship with my mum. She lets me buy, and she spectates. I take advice from her, and I give it, too. - Author: Louise Nurding
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#4. just saw an angel I am going to make mine. - Author: Toni Aleo
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#5. Does freedom of speech give the right to offend? - Author: Maajid Nawaz
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#6. Within the classic mode, however, the romantic has some appearances of his own. Frivolous, irrational, erratic, untrustworthy, interested primarily in pleasureseeking. Shallow. Of no substance. Often a parasite who cannot of will not carry his own weight. A real drag on society. - Author: Robert Pirsig
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#7. Costume design is so important and really helpful, and I really love that aspect of character development, just figuring it out. - Author: Katherine Waterston
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#8. People hate good books to be over. I wish I could write a 700-page book. - Author: Steve Earle
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#9. I always say Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is my biggest influence. But for painters, I like many, many painters, but I love Francis Bacon the most, and Edward Hopper. - Author: David Lynch
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#10. During our travels, the Indians entertained me well; and their affection for me was so great, that they utterly refused to leave me there with the others, although the Governor offered them one hundred pounds sterling for me, on purpose to give me a parole to go home. - Author: Daniel Boone
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#11. I can paint and draw. I believe this myself and a few other people say that they believe this too. But I'm not certain of whether it's true. - Author: Gustav Klimt
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