Top 8 Pseudocyesis Quotes

#1. I think that maybe inside any business, there is someone slowly going crazy

Joseph Heller

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#2. I like my old nose. If I could get it out the cupboard and put it on, then I would.

Katie Price

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#3. I had chosen to leave, and live alone in a foreign country. And in fleeing thousands of miles across the Pacific, I chose myself, and a chance at a different future.

Alison Singh Gee

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#4. Other guys read Playboy. I read annual reports.

Warren Buffett

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#5. I only know that I am now a priestess of Satan trying to maintain after a freak-out to test how free everybody was and to take our vows.

Beatrice Sparks

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#6. Blessed are the pure in heart; how will people believe that, unless we ourselves are worshipping the living God until our own hearts are set on fire and scorched through with his purity?

N. T. Wright

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#7. Micah: "Come, on. Let's get you out of here." He began putting his arms under me and lifted me off my bed of rocks.
"Oh, no. You can't just come trotting in here like some hero. I'm saving myself this time. Go away!"
"And let me just say you were doing a fine job lying there on your back.

Terra Harmony

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#8. Let the poor man count as his enemy, and his worst enemy, every invader of the right of free discussion.

Gerrit Smith

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