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#1. We buy into the saving work of Jesus big-time, but we dodge his words and his life as prototypical for the authentic Christian life. - Author: Hugh Halter
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#2. Men and women really do want the same things. We just need each other to bring it out. That's really the truth of the matter. - Author: Steve Harvey
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#3. Henri Bergson thought the principal function of the brain was to filter out most of reality so that we could focus on the tasks of earthly life," he said. "When the filter is weakened by a powerful drug, what we see is not delusion but the truth. - Author: William Peter Blatty
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#4. The prototypical definition of fascism is: It is not enough that I do (or not do) a certain thing; everyone must do (or not do) that thing. - Author: S.T. Joshi
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#5. As surgeons keep their instruments and knives always at hand for cases requiring immediate treatment, so shouldst thou have thy thoughts ready to understand things divine and human, remembering in thy every act, even the smallest, how close is the bond that unites the two. - Author: Marcus Aurelius
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#6. I don't ever have the pressure of making a hit, because I've never had a hit song, per se. The closest thing to a hit song was 'Shiraz,' and it's not your prototypical hit song, with a catchy hook and all this other stuff. - Author: Action Bronson
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#7. You had measured how long a fool you were upon the ground. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#8. Precise adaptation, with each part finely honed to perform a definite function in an optimal way, can only lead to blind alleys, dead ends, and extinction. - Author: Stephen Jay Gould
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#9. Old age is not synonymous with being 'glad to die. - Author: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
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#10. No, I'm not the prototypical leadoff man. I'm not the prototypical anything. I just try to be the prototypical Jimmy Rollins. - Author: Jimmy Rollins
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#11. I wore No. 19 because of Bryan Trottier. I liked the overall aspect of his game. I liked the way he conducted himself on the ice. He was a quiet guy. He played really hard; just a good all-around, prototypical center man who could do everything. - Author: Steve Yzerman
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#12. What is held in the mind is always brought about in the physical body. It is not the other way around. - Author: Douglas James Cottrell
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#13. Love isn't idiotic. It's hard and messy, confusing and wonderful. But to love and be loved... that's all that matters. - Author: Jennifer Donnelly
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#14. That as individuals each of us is extremely isolated, while at the same time we are all linked by a prototypical memory. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#15. It should not be a surprise, even if it is not expected, if a shadow dances among the leaves, a face appears (or seems to), even a community of phantoms from the past. Here you will find answers, questions, and a host of stories. - Author: Mary Lois Timbes
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#16. I was tagged early as the prototypical white player, the guy with the intangibles - the smart player, the guy who did all the right things. - Author: Kevin Love
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#17. Retirement savings is probably behavioral economists' greatest success story. It is a prototypical behavioral-economics problem because saving for retirement is cognitively hard - figuring out how much to save - and requires self-control. - Author: Richard Thaler
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#18. aryaputra, a 'gentleman', and the aryaputri, a 'lady', a prototypical human partnership of two strong individuals, who didn't compete for exact equality but were complementary, completing each other. Two souls that were dependent on each other, giving each other purpose; two halves of a whole. - Author: Amish Tripathi
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#19. Postmodernism does not facilitate better art. It rationalizes inferior art by wrapping it in words - a suit of armor with nobody inside. - Author: Walter Darby Bannard
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#20. Our goal is to make finance the servant, not the master, of the real economy. - Author: Alistair Darling
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#21. Education is not received. It is achieved. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#22. I took a huge risk leaving baseball, because I was predicted to play in the big leagues. I'm kind of a prototypical second baseman. - Author: Russell Wilson
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