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#1. Now suppose that at the end of the page you get another instruction: count all the commas in the next page. This will be harder, because you will have to overcome the newly acquired tendency to focus attention on the letter f. - Author: Daniel Kahneman
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#2. The brilliant passes, like the dew at morn; The true endures, for ages yet unborn. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#3. Nothing moves. Nothing makes a sound. It's as quiet as a pulled-pork-rib joint next to a synagogue. I - Author: Richard Kadrey
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#4. Gamache had asked not because he didn't know the answer, but because he wanted to see if Peter would lie to him. He had. And if he'd lie about that, what else had he lied about? - Author: Louise Penny
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#5. The Hemulen slid down onto the grass completely exhausted.
"Oh!" he moaned. "There has never been anything but trouble and danger since I came into the Moomin family. - Author: Tove Jansson
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#6. Be confident and stop worrying - Author: Chantel C.
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#7. As long as a man stays alive he can't tell what chances will pop up next. But a dead man signs no checks. - Author: Bernard Malamud
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#8. You'll never make a fortune working for the boss man - Author: Jeannette Walls
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#9. I recently adopted for my own a good motto I saw somewhere, on a barroom mirror or possibly a washroom wall: 'The time you enjoyed wasting wasn't wasted.' I think I'll have that printed some day on a T-shirt or the bedroom ceiling. - Author: Peg Bracken
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#10. My inbox [showed me] how much pain there is in the world. I appreciated hearing from people, but it was hard to know I couldn't do anything. - Author: Emily Yoffe
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#11. I lived a normal life for a number of years. I had kids. I lived up on a farm in Gloucestershire in rural England, and just kind of got back to reality again. - Author: Roger Andrew Taylor
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#12. You know. I don't think I'm gonna be Jewish for very long. - Author: Lewis Black
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#13. Mr Edison gave America just what was needed at that moment in history. They say that when people think of me, they think of my assembly line. Mr. Edison, you built an assembly line which brought together the genius of invention, science and industry. - Author: Henry Ford
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#14. I guess something that I've noticed from American acts who had success in touring is more of an explanation as to their music. Which is I think quite funny. I think British acts might like to leave more to the imagination - maybe a bit more obscure perhaps - a bit more shy. - Author: Ben Lovett
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