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Top 10 Preux Quotes

#1. Ideally, the writer needs no audience other than the few who understand that it is immodest and greedy to want more.

Gore Vidal

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#2. I love doing collaborations - it's always good to do something that's out the box.

Kelly Rowland

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#3. Stand there, damn'd meddling villain, and be silent;
For if thou utt'rest but a single word,
A cough or hem, to cross me in my speech,
I'll send thy cursed spirit from the earth,
To bellow with the damn'd!

Joanna Baillie

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#4. Don't listen to people who tell you what to do. Listen people who encourage you to do what's right in your heart.

Zig Ziglar

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#5. You too hurt to let me in? Need to feel you, Firecracker," he moans into the skin of my neck where his lips do splendid things.

Angela Graham

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#6. What wretched doings come from the ardor of fame; the love of truth alone would never make one man attack another bitterly.

Charles Darwin

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#7. I think that's why I like baseball. There's something great about it - you're young, the pitcher's young and he's got this great arm, and he doesn't really realize anything about strategy.

Bruce McCulloch

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#8. Even if you never, ever ride the bike it will still age. So you might as well ride it while it's pretty and enjoy the process of making it ugly.


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#9. The responsibility of a writer is to excavate the experience of the people who produced him.

James Baldwin

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#10. I don't like routine and I don't like rules.

Dominique McElligott

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