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#1. In that film Love Story, there's a line, "Love means never having to say you're sorry." That's the dumbest thing I ever heard. Love means saying you're sorry every day for some little thing or other. - Author: Ray Bradbury
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#2. There's nobody I don't like. Maybe in six years it will be different. - Author: Courtney Thorne-Smith
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#3. We should have no concern for the environment, because, after the great flood with Noah, God promised that He would never ruin the earth again. - Author: James Inhofe
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#4. My philosophy is that the club is more important than anyone! - Author: Gerard Houllier
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#5. I'm a pretty big Ricky Gervais fan. - Author: Craig Roberts
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#6. In the past the man has been first; in the future the system must be first. - Author: Frederick Winslow Taylor
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#7. I guess we speak pretty loosely, don't we, about looking forward to the Ashes and all that - and we are, but it's not with both eyes. We've got one eye on that and one eye on what we need to get in place to make sure we're the best team we can be for November. - Author: Ricky Ponting
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#8. Love! If only we love the way Jesus loved us, the world would be a better place. - Author: George Calleja
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#9. Hotel bars are pretty good. No one bothers me there. Restaurants are safe. People are quite respectful when you're eating. But what I never do now is go to a busy bar on the weekend, or after 8 o'clock at night. That's the danger zone. Also being trapped. Never go on the Metro, or a bus. - Author: Ricky Gervais
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#10. I don't like doing movies that are meaningless or unrealistic. I like things with a lot of reality to them. I'm a pretty serious kind of person myself. Things affect me. - Author: Ricky Schroder
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#11. Fuck you," he ground out.
"No thanks, sweetheart. That brief moment of insanity has passed." (Sin) - Author: Santino Hassell
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#12. I suppose the point you grow up is the point you let the dreams go. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#13. Very often on some of this stuff when I'd have to go to work. I'd just give the script a cursory glance. I had no training, and I was a quick study, so nobody knew how involved or not involved I was. But I look at that stuff now and I can see I wasn't involved, and I wasn't very good. - Author: Jackie Cooper
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#14. If our countries had war the one with the other, that was no cause that he should put us to death; with which they were out of heart that their cruel pretense failed them. For which God be forever-more praised. - Author: William Adams
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#15. Pretty Polynesian baby over the sea, I remember the night, when we walked in the sands of Waikiki and I held you oh so tight. - Author: Ricky Nelson
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#16. Sometimes when you've got too much money you lose your imagination. - Author: Paloma Faith
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#17. Sometime female characters, especially in the genre of something that people consider rom-com, make mistakes in a cute way or they're a mess in a way that's palatable. I like that. - Author: Greta Gerwig
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#18. Every time we sit at a table at night or in the morning to enjoy the fruits and grain and vegetables from our good earth, remember that they come from the work of men and women and children who have been exploited for generations ... - Author: Cesar Chavez
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#19. My older brother's been my best friend since I can remember. I talk to him every day of my life, and anytime he's in town we're together. But I'm also very close with my parents. We all get along very, very well. We've never had fights or anything like that. - Author: Mitchel Musso
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#20. I suppose that if I could only do one thing, a solid card effect would be pretty high on the list. That's the root of it all, sleight-of-hand. It's certainly the thing I feel most comfortable with. - Author: Ricky Jay
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#21. Funny you mention my dinner parties when I have just suggested that inviting close friends over to share a meal with candlelight and wine at your table could be a form of religious experience for some people. To me it's a form of sacrament. - Author: Sally Quinn
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