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#1. You can go to Spain, and Cubans are looked down upon. It's strange how people chop up where you're from.

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#2. My mother's Cubana/Irish and my dad's Catalan. And that blows my mind.

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#3. As far as ethnicity, you grow up being sensitive to things around you and then become more proactive about it.

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#4. Most start-up companies fail and it is smart public policy to help entrepreneurs increase their odds of succeeding. But, the biggest loss to our economy is not all the start-ups that didn't make it: It's the ones that might have been created but weren't.

Eric Ries

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#5. It's just weird that indie rock heads and so on are connecting to my music.

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#6. Nothing great could ever be achieved, without personal force, determined spirit and self-confidence.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#7. Just moving one keyboard or synth is a pain in the ass.

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#8. Nothing is erotic that isn't also, with the wrong person, revolting, which is precisely what makes erotic moments so intense: at the precise juncture where disgust could be at its height, we find only welcome and permission.

Alain De Botton

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#9. I love babies - I love being with them. As for acting with them, it's kind of hard because they don't know how to act.

Tim Daly

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#10. There's a nimble quality to the way a television actor can work. When that muscle gets strong it's a very valuable thing.

David Oyelowo

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#11. My mother would take me to jazz concerts in the park and everybody was smoked out. She gave me the intro and then she forced me to play an instrument to keep me out of trouble.

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#12. President Obama's FCC Chairman, Julius Genachowski, has a reputation in D.C. of being a 'tepid' regulator. From reports of his net neutrality proposal, he's living up to that reputation.

Marvin Ammori

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#13. Hip-hop can be a very closed-off community. Sometimes these barriers are demographic but it can be musical, too.

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#14. I'd love to be what I have been.

Raheel Farooq

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#15. It takes a community to start a revolution.

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