Top 12 Predition Quotes

#1. Predition is risky, especially of the future.

Niels Bohr

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#2. If we see their (Navajo) lives and festivals as fantastic and our lives as ordinary, we come to writing with a sense of poverty. We must remember that everything is ordinary and extraordinary.

Natalie Goldberg

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#3. I love that works of art are printed so that anyone can buy them. The variety of what they put on little postcards astounds me.

Leonard Lauder

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#4. I'll give you my worst nightmare. I'm dreaming that I'm onstage, the curtain goes up, and I have no idea what my lines are or what's going on. I think I should know, I kind of know, I remember rehearsing ... and the audience is there waiting.

Jackie Earle Haley

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#5. But it isn't up to us, mostly because none of us are good.

Francis Chan

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#6. My words will be my legacy, etched in heartfelt honesty upon the pages of time.

Callum McLaughlin

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#7. The writer must earn money in order to be able to live and to write, but he must by no means live and write for the purpose of making money.

Karl Marx

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#8. That one time I had ma Latina texture going on.. Or just.. everyday.


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#9. One of the most intriguing things in management and in business is the role of storytelling - people need the anecdotes to do the work that they do.

Anita Roddick

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#10. Fear breeds a desire for simplicity. Good and evil. Right and wrong. Chains of command.


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#11. I know nothing of writing books properly. I write in the same manner I live life: one feeling at a time. If this makes me a bad writer, then I might hope to author several bad books.

Cara Rosalie Olsen

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#12. Service was practically

Michelle Alexander

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