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#1. In sex women are largely guided by their sensible bodies but men are driven crazy by their feverish minds. Men love to think and talk about sex; women enjoy it while it lasts, if they can, and have little interest in pre-match build-up or post-match analysis. - Author: Michael Foley
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#2. No more Network reluctance to make a program too entertaining for fear its commercials would pale in comparison. - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#3. I've been reading titles from IDW for probably as long as they've been in existence. 'Ninja Turtles' is one of my all-time favorite properties ever. I also love, love, love 'Locke & Key.' I also love some of the things they do with pre-existing properties like 'Transformers' and 'Ghostbusters.' - Author: Taran Killam
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#4. I had once read, in one of those pre-plague books in the library, that love was bearing witness. That it was the act of watching someone's life, of simply being there to say: you're life is worth seeing. - Author: Anna Carey
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#5. Have a policy of pre-emptive forgiveness. Refuse to get offended by petty things. Make a decision early on to cut the other person some slack in everyday life. Then you can take comfort in knowing they'll do it for you, as well. Accepting each other, flaws and all, is what love is all about. - Author: Gaelen Foley
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#6. You can't write about the past and ignore religion. It was such a fundamental, mind-shaping, driving force for pre-modern societies. I'm very interested in what religion does to us - its capacity to create love and empathy or hatred and violence. - Author: Geraldine Brooks
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#7. I understood how we long to believe in goodness, especially in the person we promised to love and honor. It isn't just about them, it is how we want to see ourselves. It says that we are good people, patient and kind. - Author: Ann Patchett
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#8. I'm not sure if a mental relation with a woman doesn't make it impossible to love her. To know the mind of a woman is to end in hating her. Love means the pre-cognitive flow ... it is the honest state before the apple. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#9. Never, baby. Between us, the sun is never going down. - Author: J. Kenner
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#10. I don't worry about chemicals. There are enough chemicals entering my body through all the fizzy drinks I consume to worry if my lip balm is 100 per cent organic. - Author: Edie Campbell
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#11. Chi ti ama ti aspetta(Who loves waits for You). - Author: ABC
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#12. Many argue that Christianity is "different" from other religions - that it is primarily about love of one's fellow man. The Crusades, The Inquisition, Calvin's Geneva all prove that this is not the case. These events were pre-eminently about obedience to authority. - Author: Andrew Bernstein
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#13. I love existing in pre big bang conditions. - Author: Joe Rogan
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#14. Remind yourself. Nobody built like you, you design yourself. - Author: Jay-Z
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#15. Wary of being caught unawares, we planned our parenthood, committed to trial marriages with pre-nuptials, and pre-arranged our parents' funerals - convinced we could pre-feel the feelings that we have heard attend new life, true love, and death. - Author: Thomas Lynch
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#16. He thinks of the all steps that gathered this party and marvels at the weaverless looms of fortune. - Author: David Mitchell
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#17. Such is the power of truth that even the slightest whisper of it can handily drown out the most boisterous of lies, which may explain why in many instances God only needs to whisper. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#18. The nicest people fall in love indiscriminately ... while under the influence of that pre-eminently selfish lunacy they may make the most outrageous demands upon their friends with no other excuse than their painful need. - Author: Margery Allingham
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#19. The world is a classroom - life is the teacher and the subjects are learned everyday from the successes, failures, changes twists, turns, surprises and contradictions - some brought about through choices and others pre-ordained by destiny. - Author: Eugenie Laverne Mitchell
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#20. I love the Bee Gees, but only the pre-disco stuff. From '64 to '69, I've got all their albums. - Author: Noel Gallagher
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#21. I love that pre-mod jazz look of the late Fifties, the Steve McQueen style that influenced the British modernists. - Author: Martin Freeman
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#22. Numbing the senses by monotonously repeating an assertion is a key element in utilizing mind control techniques. - Author: Joost Meerloo
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#23. Willing or not, we are all hostages of the joy of which we deprive ourselves. Here springs love's pre-eternal sadness. - Author: Odysseus Elytis
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#24. PRE. For your dedication and loyalty to your principles and beliefs. For your love,warmth and friendship. For your family and friends. You are missed by so many and you will never be forgotten. - Author: Steve Prefontaine
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#25. Nothing says I love you like a pre- lubricated butthole. - Author: Nick Pageant
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#26. The pre-shoot days are so relaxed and fun and the writers are laughing. I love the rehearsal process. - Author: Allison Janney
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#27. I couldn't help but think of Al's pre-ordained betrothal to Billo and of how hard the match-makers had worked to find the girl beautiful enough to match this extraordinary man - this extraordinary man of mine. - Author: Ruth Ahmed
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#28. Got down behind him and probed between his cheeks with one finger. I was surprised to find he'd already applied some slick stuff. Nothing says I love you like a pre-lubricated butthole. Looks like you're - Author: Anonymous
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#29. I love pre-code movies. Some of my favorites are movies with Warren William and there is an MGM film called "Skyscraper Souls" which is the best Warner Brothers movie that MGM ever made. - Author: Mike Royer
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#30. The transgressive quality of love is the transgressive quality of art ... From the Pre-Raphaelites till now, the avant-garde has always been characterized by radical views of love and sex. - Author: Rod Dubey
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#31. I allowed myself the supernatural, the transcendent, because, I told myself, our love of metaphor is pre-religious, born of our need to express what is inexpressible, our dreams of otherness, of more. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#32. The person I think I am is terrified of the person I really am, terrified of what others would think of that person. What would they do to me if they knew the person I really was? Better to be safe! Better to hide the real person, starve the real person, bury the real person! - Author: John Verdon
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