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#1. There is a river in Macedon, and there is moreover a river in Monmouth. It is called Wye at Monmouth, but it is out of my prains what is the name of the other river; but 'tis all one, 'tis alike as my fingers is to my fingers, and there is salmons in both.

William Shakespeare

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#2. Peace, love and maki rolls

J.D. Estrada

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#3. Had a big trial. It was like an Errol Flynn movie.

Jeannie Walker

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#4. It is in rugged crises, in unbearable endurance, and in aims which put sympathy out of the question, that the angel is shown.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#5. An inflated balloon
impressive to look at but hollow at the core and easily punctured.

Dianne Feinstein

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#6. We have recorded songs on the same day that were released years later in other albums.

Mick Jagger

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#7. I took my portrait that Kaufman did of me home from the Saturday Night Live TV set.

Eddie Murphy

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#8. No, I was going to college and got discovered.

Jay Hernandez

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#9. Proper apologies have three parts:
1) What I did was wrong.
2) I feel badly that I hurt you.
3) How do I make this better?

Randy Pausch

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#10. There are simple answers to the nation's problems, but not easy ones.

Ronald Reagan

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#11. [Death:] The one inexorable thing!

Louise Imogen Guiney

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#12. It was the first time she'd discovered something she really didn't want to find, and she didn't know what to do once she'd found it.

Jodi Picoult

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#13. This feeling African-Americans have, this skepticism towards the police and the skepticism that the police show towards African-Americans is actually quite old. And it may be one of the most durable aspects of the relationship between black people and their country really in our history.

Ta-Nehisi Coates

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