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#1. Understanding your importance does not minimize those around you, it brings fulfillment to everyone. - Author: E'yen A. Gardner
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#2. Let what is irksome become habitual, no more will it trouble you. - Author: Ovid
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#3. Instead of being intimidated by the limitations, be inspired to find new ways around them. - Author: Ralph Marston
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#4. Last week I was listening to a podcast on Hanselminutes, with Robert Martin talking about the SOLID principles ... they all sounded to me like extremely bureaucratic programming that came from the mind of somebody that has not written a lot of code, frankly. - Author: Joel Spolsky
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#5. And I guess, I guess it's a humanist film. It's not really a spiritual film and it's, you know, it's saying that we're all one tribe of humans and we're on this little rock, floating through the universe and (Amenabar) has these (transitional shots of) POVs where you see humans like ants. - Author: Rachel Weisz
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#6. You are aware only of a small amount of the total information your eyes take in, and even less is processed by your conscious mind and remembered. - Author: David McRaney
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#7. I've been acting since I was 2 and have always been on camera but doing a video is different because when you're acting, you pretend the camera's not there and you just do the scene and with a music video you're right in the camera so it feels weird sometimes. - Author: Corbin Bleu
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#8. Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor. And perhaps they should understand the role of a community organizer is to help people in distress. - Author: Donna Brazile
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#9. Week. That she looked forward to those mornings ... well, that wasn't great either. But Rafe worked two jobs and lived in a tiny one-room apartment. And the other option for eggs and bacon - Author: Zoe York
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#10. They were innocent people. They could just do things you couldn't imagine. I can see code, do you get it? Algorithms that confound straights are just patterns to me. They come in my dreams. I dream the most beautiful programs never written. - Author: Marcus Sakey
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#11. These times are unfriendly toward Worlds alternative to this one - Author: Thomas Pynchon
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#12. Coming out of WWII, there was the assumption, the hope, the vision of a world at peace, of a kind of Wilsonian universalism, that we and the Soviets would get along, we'd have a kind of lovefest for as far into the future as anyone could see. - Author: Robert Dallek
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