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#1. I've been fifty thousand times to the Louvre. I have copied everything in drawing, trying to understand. - Author: Alberto Giacometti
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#2. I can't understand it when people are closed-minded. I mean, boy, have I made mistakes and been very wrong. I can't tell you the amounts of times I've been let down, but I still try to see the best in people. - Author: Daphne Guinness
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#3. Layer by layer I removed all I thought I was, all I thought I had to be and in the moment I was left standing naked and vulnerable without identities and labels, I remembered, I AM THAT I AM.... - Author: Lenita Vangellis
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#4. When people look at clouds they do not see their real shape, which is no shape at all, or every shape, because they are constantly changing. They see whatever it is that their heart yearns for. - Author: Jose Eduardo Agualusa
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#5. To a poet, it's quite ruinous to have a poem distorted, out of shape, or squeezed, shall we say, into this tiny screen. But I'm not sure big digital companies are sensitive to the needs of poets. - Author: Billy Collins
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#6. It's the sorrow you feel that allows you to crave love. Without the suffering, there would be no true pleasure. Without tears, no joy. Without deficiency, no longing. This is the secret of the human heart, Rom. - Author: Ted Dekker
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#7. I've been dealing with the press for 45 years. You need a very long spoon to sup with them. While you are always grateful, they are like badly trained dogs. They smile and wag and bite your arm off. - Author: Joanna Lumley
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#8. Jenna can't hear us; she's blind ... You know what I mean - Author: Sara Shepard
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#9. When you stand still, you reject the struggle, and you refuse to change and grow. Ultimately, you reject fulfillment, happiness, the dance for joy and everything else that is eternally good. - Author: Matthew Kelly
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#10. Superior strength is a sword that manifests one's will. - Author: Hiroyuki Takei
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#11. No object is stuck with its name so irrevocably that one cannot find another which suits it better. - Author: Rene Magritte
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#12. Men are so made that they can resist sound argument, and yet yield to a glance. - Author: Honore De Balzac
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#13. Love is never any better than the lover. - Author: Toni Morrison
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#14. Shuddered out a long breath. She'd gone all the way down Weird Street and made a hard left onto Crazytrain Avenue. - Author: Laura Kaye
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#15. My symphonies would have reached Opus 100 if I had but written them down ... Sometimes I am so full of music, and so overflowing with melody, that I find it simply impossible to write down anything. - Author: Robert Schumann
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