Top 19 Popular Theater Sayings

#1. It seems to me that the American popular song, growing out of American folk music, is the basis of the American musical theater ... it is quite legitimate to use the form of the popular song and gradually fill it out with new musical content.

Kurt Weill

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#2. Real sea salt is full of minerals and nutrients our body needs. It is rich in electrolytes which help our body absorb water and feed it on a deep cellular level. Most mineral salts have some iodine in them in various amounts.

Nancy Addison

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#3. Popular culture is the new Babylon, into which so much art and intellect now flow. It is our imperial sex theater, supreme temple of the western eye. We live in the age of idols. The pagan past, never dead, flames again in our mystic hierarchies of stardom.

Camille Paglia

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#4. Macbeth is a very popular play with audiences. If you want to sell out a theater, just mount a production of Macbeth. It's a short play, it's an exciting play, it's easy to understand, and it attracts great acting.

Ian McKellen

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#5. Joy mingled with sadness, even with grief, is the deepest human joy. It winds itself about the soul with indescribable sweetness, with a dim but unerring sense for what will some day be born of it.

Wilhelm Von Humboldt

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#6. We are too often double espresso followers of a decaf Sovereign.

John Ortberg

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#7. I started out really into musical theater. So you can imagine I was super popular. I wasn't awkward looking at all.

Allison Williams

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#8. A long healthy life is no accident. It begins with good genes, but it also depends on good habits.

Dan Buettner

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#9. I attend surprisingly few shows. The type of theater that is popular today just doesn't appeal to me.

Ethel Merman

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#10. Growing up, I was picked on a bit; I was pretty heavy-set, and then I was a theater kid. I just felt unpopular and uncool, so I think in my mind I had this idea of fame and being popular and how nice that would be. The reality of it is sometimes it's not nice.

Jack Falahee

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#11. All the same, we should get to bed," whispered Hermione. "It wouldn't do to oversleep tomorrow."
"No," agreed Ron. "A brutal triple murder by the bridegroom's mother might put a bit of a damper on the wedding.

J.K. Rowling

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#12. Everyone has those times when you feel like you don't fit in. Everyone struggles to a certain extent with being cool and popular, but I never really let it affect me. I played sports and did theater, and school was really important to me. I had fun in high school.

Spencer Boldman

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#13. Behold, he offereth himself a sacrifice for sin, to answer the ends of the law, unto all those who have a broken heart and a contrite spirit; and unto none else can the ends of the law be answered.

Joseph Smith Jr.

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#14. I live in New York City, where, if you're in a movie at a popular independent theater, you think you're king of the world, because you're in a bubble. So there's no way for me to properly conceive of the attention that the movie gets in a way that doesn't make me confused.

Jesse Eisenberg

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#15. A musical, like most religions, provides the audience or followers with a sense of belonging. Religious services, on the other hand, with their staged performances, invigorating songs, popular wisdom and shared experience, are almost a form of community theater.

Lisa Randall

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#16. Babe, I don't know you and my no zone has a very short guest list. Consider my belt the velvet rope no one crosses without an express invitation.

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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#17. Art cannot be looked at as an elite, sacred event anymore. It has to be embraced as an accessible, popular form, which is what I believe theater is at its roots.

Diane Paulus

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#18. I stopped going to mass, and boy, it was painful for me, and it was certainly painful for my family, but I just couldn't ratify their behavior and their decisions anymore by showing up on Sundays.

Anna Quindlen

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#19. When I was in my early teens, I remember coming to the conclusion that your life never ends.

Herbie Hancock

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