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Top 10 Popular Kenyan Sayings

#1. Two centuries ago our nation's birth was a milestone in the long quest for freedom, but the bold and brilliant dream which excited the founders of our nation still awaits its consummation. I have no new dream to set forth today, but rather urge a fresh faith in the old dream. - Author: Jimmy Carter
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#2. The key point of the Tunguska Event is that there was a tremendous explosion, a great shock wave, an enormous forest fire, and yet there is no impact crater at the site. There seems to be only one explanation consistent with all the facts: In 1908 a piece of a comet hit the Earth. - Author: Carl Sagan
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#3. By understanding a machine-oriented language, the programmer will tend to use a much more efficient method; it is much closer to reality. - Author: Donald Knuth
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#4. I'd skipped the crush kiddie pool and jumped right into the deep, shark-infested ocean of emotions. And, if you'll forgive the dramatic metaphor, I was a lousy swimmer. - Author: Kody Keplinger
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#5. Rieker's hand slid from her wrist to her hand, and his fingers entwined around hers. Before she could move, he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her close. Instead of being afraid, Tiki felt an odd sense of safety. - Author: Kiki Hamilton
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#6. Usually, when people get an idea, they are eager to start acting immediately, immerse themselves in the process without creating a system of actions, without being knowledgeable of the matter, without analyzing and estimating everything beforehand - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#7. The god's lips spread into a tight smile. "Nice to see you again, Love. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#8. I'm crucified between the sky of what I intend to be and the earth of my performance. - Author: Fred B. Craddock
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#9. I just think that giving a child a chance and sharing what you have with a child is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, as well as a child. - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#10. The only way my head was going truly somewhere else was to travel to a different life and not a different airport. - Author: Lionel Shriver
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