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Top 10 Popular Bulgarian Sayings

#1. A ranch hand, equivalent of the old gaucho, rides after an ostrich, swinging three-thonged and weighted baleadoras. Note how only the toe of the boot is in the stirrup iron. In old times, the gaucho often rode with only the great toe of the bare foot in a metal ring. - Author: Luis Marden
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#2. We do not sponsor any form of terrorism anywhere in the world. Never have, never will - Author: Robert Gibbs
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#3. Colored or not, we all pick the white man's cotton. - Author: James Lee Burke
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#4. The amygdala is one of those brain structures that a lot of people know a little bit about, and there's a definite tendency to conflate the amygdala and the fear response itself - as if the amygdala, and the amygdala alone, 'causes' fear. - Author: Sam Kean
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#5. I'm much better at saying something on the answering machine than texting. - Author: Igor Levit
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#6. Writing a book is a way of thinking to me, the only way of thinking that I have found successful. - Author: Ruth Ozeki
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#7. Will holding a secret in your heart make it any less true? If you never tell, never speak of it, will it become only a dream, less than a dream, a nightmare half-remembered? Oh, if only the gods would be so good. (Catelyn) - Author: George R R Martin
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#8. A Christian's duty, Lewis believed, is not simply to tolerate "X" but to make life with "X" an occasion to work on one's own character flaws. - Author: Philip Zaleski
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#9. If bodies please thee, praise God on occasion of them, and turn back thy love upon their Maker; lest in these things which please thee, thou displease. If souls please thee, be they loved in God: for they too are mutable, but in Him they are firmly established. - Author: Saint Augustine
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#10. Government-imposed loan standards precipitated a banking crisis, which was solved by a government bailout and control of the banks. As a result, little by little, fewer and fewer are making more and more banking decisions. Government - Author: David Jeremiah
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