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#1. Each husband gets the infidelity he deserves. - Author: Zelda Popkin
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#2. Philosophy is the architectonic art and the philosopher the archetypal person - Author: Richard H. Popkin
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#3. This is the city of uncertainty, where routes and faces look alike and are not. Death will be like that. We will forever be recognizing people we have never met. But darkness and death are not the same. One is temporary, the other is not. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
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#4. I ain't got much education, but I got some sense. - Author: Loretta Lynn
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#5. What he found impossible was to shut off his brain, to detach himself from the intriguing problems with which (he) was involved, or to leave alone the major problems of war and peace, race and poverty, man's inhumanity to man and the persistence of stupidity. - Author: Zelda Popkin
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#6. Grab tightly to the reigns of passion and ride into glory for without it life would be stagnant and you would be a spirit without cause. - Author: Donna Lynn Hope
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#7. A country inn is a percolator. News seeps, simmers, and bubbles. - Author: Zelda Popkin
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#8. with malice toward none and charity for all. - Author: Abe Lincoln
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#9. Of all the deprivations which afflict humankind, none is more dreadful than loneliness. A corrosive, it eats the heart out. People were meant to live by twos, with someone close with whom to share good and bad, to hear breathing in the dark room at night. Being alone is the one unnatural act. - Author: Zelda Popkin
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#10. New York's the place where you can have a private life. You can do anything, be anything you please. New Yorkers mind their own business. Police cars, ambulances, fire engines - nobody even turns around for them. We go to the movies for excitement. - Author: Zelda Popkin
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#11. No war can end war except a total war which leaves no human creature on earth. Each war creates the causes of war: hate, desire for revenge and have-nots, desperate with need. - Author: Zelda Popkin
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#12. The gunslinger had no idea what tooter-fish was, but he knew a popkin when he saw it. - Author: Stephen King
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#13. The trip back from Pointe du Lac was thrilling. And the constant chatter of Lestat was positively the most boring and disheartening thing I experienced. Of course as I said, I was far from being his equal. - Author: Anne Rice
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#14. Chemotherapy is brutal. The goal is pretty much to kill everything in your body without killing you. - Author: Rashida Jones
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#15. Grief is illness. You cannot breathe; you cannot walk or eat or sleep. The sickness is entire, the body and the spirit. - Author: Zelda Popkin
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#16. I pray to the God within me that He will give me the strength to ask Him the right questions. - Author: Elie Wiesel
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#17. There's no privacy for the violently dead. - Author: Zelda Popkin
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#18. Inspiration is just one requirement for being a writer. Another is keeping regular working hours. - Author: Zelda Popkin
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#19. Destiny is thrifty. To weave her tapestry, she uses even the tiniest snips of thread. - Author: Zelda Popkin
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#20. Our great human adventure is the evolution of consciousness. We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain. - Author: Tom Robbins
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#21. As an idle mind either recalls its past or worries about its future, this Mr. Patil had sat indulged in his past. How beautiful his past life was, happy, lively and warm as the morning itself. It was a perfectly pictured cheerful life of a
farmer. - Author: Ganesh Shiva Aithal
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#22. Pity runs its course. An hour comes when no hand but your own can build your future. - Author: Zelda Popkin
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#23. Every door opens to something and it is better to go toward that something than to sit staring at the blank wall of time. - Author: Zelda Popkin
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