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#1. If men will impartially, and not asquint, look toward the offices and function of a poet, they will easily conclude to themselves the impossibility of any man's being a good poet without first being a good man. - Author: Ben Jonson
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#2. THUS says the LORD: Maintain justice, and do what is right, - Author: Anonymous
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#3. One of the most exquisite pleasures of human love - to serve the loved one without his knowing it - is only possible, as regards the love of God, through atheism. - Author: Simone Weil
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#4. What is given away for free comes back wounded. Value is not always shared and some hands are rougher than others. - Author: Steven Erikson
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#5. He hit me 18 times while I was in the act of falling. - Author: Max Baer
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#6. Each of us has a tongue and a voice. These instruments of speech can be used destructively or employed constructively. - Author: Billy Graham
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#7. Proverbs tells us, "The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped."12 Those who pass along insights get more from God. - Author: Rick Warren
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#8. The headmaster explained. Books were considered precious. The school had so few that the teachers did not want to risk the children damaging them. I wondered how a book could impart knowledge if it was locked up, but kept that thought to myself. - Author: John Wood
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#9. It's not evil, Rand. I know something evil when I smell it. This isn't evil, it's just incredibly stupid. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#10. It reminded him of a science fiction novel that he'd read once; in it, the characters had a tendency to say ominously that 'winter was coming' and Sin had to fight the urge to say the words out loud with the exact same ominous feeling behind. - Author: Ais
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#11. The thing I can't figure out is why I have an undeniable compulsion to clean public spaces, airplane bathrooms, restaurant flatware, hotel gyms and Chapstick containers ... yet I have no desire to make my own bed. Ever. Seriously, who made me, and where am I from? - Author: Rachel Nichols
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#12. Inspiration is intention obeyed. - Author: Emily Carr
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