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Top 14 Poor White Trash Quotes

#1. Poor white trash quoting de Maistre and Carlyle and fancying themselves elite while they scrabbled to survive in a world where they were outstripped economically by the Chinese and intellectually by their own phones. - Author: Ken MacLeod
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#2. I'm poor white trash from the state of Washington. - Author: Chuck Close
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#3. You're not more than one generation from poor white trash, are you, Agent Starling? - Author: Anthony Hopkins
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#4. You too hurt to let me in? Need to feel you, Firecracker," he moans into the skin of my neck where his lips do splendid things. - Author: Angela Graham
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#5. Despite the limitations and problems inherent to photographic representation (and especially the representation of politics), it remains for me the most powerful and engaging medium today - one central to the development of cultural dialogue. - Author: Richard Misrach
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#6. The emotions at death, as at birth, are instinctive and primitive. - Author: Margaret Millar
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#7. There is no higher qualification than genuine inspiration. - Author: Tama J. Kieves
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#8. Sandy's was one of those places that made poor, white trash feel like high-class consumers. This was the kind of place you'd take your mistress to, but never your wife. Wives expected better. Mistresses were impressed by the blandness of the over-priced wine and the vast Italian menu options. - Author: Alistair Cross
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#9. I was poor white trash, no glitter, no glamour, but I'm not ashamed of anything. - Author: Eminem
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#10. I worked with these liberal elites for 28 years at CBS News, and they were always throwing around the term 'white trash,' by which they meant poor southerners who didn't go to Harvard. I'm not sure why that makes them trash. - Author: Bernard Goldberg
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#11. This is why Paine was careful to downplay the distinction between the rich and the poor. He wanted his American readers to focus on distant kings, not local grandees. He wanted them to break with the Crown, not to disturb the class order. - Author: Nancy Isenberg
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#12. He was Jaxon Wright after all. He could have anyone but the one girl he wanted most wouldn't give herself completely to him. - Author: Senayda Pierre
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#13. Tango, ever the gentleman, gave her a wink. I don't have anything in my blood but beer and poor white trash. Figure I gotta get in good with these leader types. - Author: Lauren Gilley
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#14. I always wanted this - to come to restaurants that raise their own cows and mortgage bottles of wine. But, it makes me feel insecure - reminds me that I'm really just poor, white trash with a good job. - Author: Tarryn Fisher
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