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#1. Almost twelve years of marriage and she's still unlike any woman I've ever known. - Author: Samantha Young
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#2. Within a few moments the last of day became the first of night, a magic as peculiar and welcome as any other. - Author: Gregory Maguire
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#3. If your heart was hard, that would be better / You could only break it once or twice / After that it would be rid of blood and you could let it turn to ice. - Author: Bono
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#4. The egg it is the source of all. Tis everyone's ancestral hall. The bravest chief that ever fought, The lowest thief that e'er was caught, The harlot's lip, the maiden's leg, They each and all came from an egg. - Author: Clarence Day
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#5. Sometimes, just believing in someone is enough for them to start believing in themselves. - Author: Kim Meeder
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#6. Growing up, I remember my parents feeling a little wary of 'The Simpsons.' This was the late eighties, and there was a wave of articles about TV shows that were bad for America. Then we all started watching it and loved it. - Author: Mindy Kaling
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#7. I don't give a shit what the world thinks. I was born a bitch, I was born a painter, I was born fucked. But I was happy in my way. You did not understand what I am. I am love. I am pleasure, I am essence, I am an idiot, I am an alcoholic, I am tenacious. I am; simply I am ... You are a shit. - Author: Frida Kahlo
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#8. Hopefulness is risky, since it is after all a form of trust, trust in the unknown and the possible, even in discontinuity. To be hopeful is to take on a different persona, one that risks disappointment, betrayal... - Author: Rebecca Solnit
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#9. If it was not a good idea, it was at least an interesting one. - Author: Candice Millard
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#10. The first time he'd held her hand, it felt so good that it crowded out all the bad things. It felt better than anything had ever hurt. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#11. Children played at those stories; they dreamed about them. They took them to heart and acted as if to live inside them. - Author: Gregory Maguire
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#12. We can't make a portal - "
"We've got a flying boat," Carter offered. - Author: Rick Riordan
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