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#1. Lord of hosts! When I swim in the merciful waters of your grace I find that I can neither plumb nor measure the depths. - Author: Menno Simons
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#2. When I don't plumb the depths or the opportunities of each day, I don't have joy. - Author: Victoria Principal
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#3. I do what I do. You like it, great. You don't, go listen to somebody else. I'm stickin' with the people who stuck with me. - Author: Ice Cube
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#4. If we possessed the facility to fully plumb the depths of the Creator's thoughts, He would not be God, because God's thoughts are beyond the range of human understanding - unimaginably far beyond anything we could ever imagine. - Author: Leary Bonnett
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#5. I'm not an idealist anymore, I'm a bitter realist. - Author: Soe Hok Gie
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#6. The time has come for women and men to band together to jointly create gender harmony. We must gather in mixed group to plumb new depths of relational awareness, courageous truth-telling, compassionate listening, empathic sensitivity, and mutual healing. - Author: William Keepin
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#7. That's what is so precious in reading this way - you can plumb the depths of another's experience while sitting still with a book in your hands. - Author: Ramona Koval
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#8. The best part of being me is that everyone underestimates the depths of stupidity I'm willing to plumb in order to win out. Azrael - Author: Tim Marquitz
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#9. When I concentrate on a specific site or place for which I am going to design a building, I try to plumb its depths, its form, its history and its sensuous qualities. - Author: Peter Zumthor
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#10. The need for improved technical support in schools has expanded as the Government and schools have increased their investment in information and communications technologies. - Author: Estelle Morris
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#11. A commander in chief with military experience might be able to prod a conservative military into thinking more imaginatively. - Author: Wesley Clark
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#12. We must not always try to plumb the depths of the human heart; the truths it contains are among those that are best seen in half-light or in perspective. - Author: Francois-Rene De Chateaubriand
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#13. In every person, even in such as appear most reckless, there is an inherent desire to attain balance. - Author: Jakob Wassermann
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#14. The human brain is a product of natural selection. In the face of scarcity, our hominid great-great-uncles were unable to compete against our sapient great-great-grandparents' abilities to build more elaborate mental models and orchestrate their bodies' movements in more sophisticated ways. - Author: Justin Rosenstein
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