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Top 6 Platoon Sergeant Quotes

#1. Tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth - Author: Er.teji
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#2. When people say that students at elite schools have a sense of entitlement, that is what they are referring to: the belief that you deserve more than other people because your SAT scores are higher. Of course, your SAT scores are higher because you have already gotten more than other people. - Author: William Deresiewicz
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#3. If you want it and you dream about it ... there's nothing that's going to stop you. - Author: Chris Witty
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#4. I think managing shortened my playing career, but I was a better manager when I was playing, when I could lead like a platoon sergeant in the field rather than as a general sitting back on his duff in a command post. - Author: Frankie Frisch
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#5. The people's silence is a tyrant's greatest advocate. The less captives talked, the less they knew; the less they knew, the more they feared; and the more they feared, the more easily others could manipulate them to their own ends, the more easily the captives could be controlled. - Author: John Kramer
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#6. I'm frozen into place either by her beauty or for fear of being mauled. - Author: S.F. Brailovsky
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