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Top 12 Plane Flights Quotes

#1. For string theory to make sense, the universe should have nine spacial dimensions and one time dimension, for a total of ten dimensions. - Author: Brian Greene
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#2. I have lifted my plane ... for perhaps a thousand flights and I have never felt her wheels glide from the Earth into the air without knowing the uncertainty and the exhilaration of first-born adventure. - Author: Beryl Markham
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#3. I started writing an album on flights to Africa and Brazil, but it was crazy because I left the notebook on the plane. It had seven or eight songs in it. After that, I'm not writing any more songs on notebooks - and I keep my Blackberry close! - Author: Estelle
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#4. Not that I regretted having Annie; I'd never felt that way for a second. I just regretted that I'd never had a chance to live the life I'd thought I was supposed to. - Author: Kristin Harmel
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#5. Not all people who inspire devotion are monsters. - Author: Kristin Cashore
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#6. It all goes so fast, she thought. We dole out our lives in dinner parties and plane flights, and it's over before we know it. We lose everyone we love, if they don't lose us first, and every single thing we do is intended to distract us from that reality. - Author: Armistead Maupin
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#7. Perfect joy could not be joy alone but must be a joy that somehow contains our past grief and sadness and longing. - Author: Amy Alznauer
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#8. unaccustomed Tuscan sunlight, and his body ached from contorting his long frame into a plane seat. The irony of hating long distance flights wasn't lost on him. After all, he spent most of his life jetting between hotels. But he wasn't - Author: Sally Clements
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#9. In my game, there are a lot of nine-hour flights here, there, and everywhere for work, so I prefer to take a shorter plane journey somewhere hot - just for fun. - Author: Katie Price
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#10. There are three goals for any comedian: to make a living as a comedian; I've been fortunate to do that. To make a name for yourself and to be famous would be great - because it would give me that freedom. - Author: Alonzo Bodden
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#11. She opened her eyes and found him watching her, his face a mixture of pride and wonder and such open affection that she could see that far-off land where they'd find a home, see that future that awaited them, and that glimmer of hope promised happiness she'd never considered or dared yearn for. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#12. I'm usually the first guy to propose a change because I'm continuing my process. We're in a context, in this business, a context in which most screenplays work on a very modest level of achievement, in that a lot of them aren't really written by what you would call writers. - Author: William Monahan
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