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#1. I wonder why it is that when I plan a route too carefully, it goes to pieces, whereas if I blunder along in blissful ignorance aimed in a fancied direction I get through with no trouble. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#2. I guess, then, that is what I find troublesome about this plan. It is too logical, too clever, too carefully thought out, and, most important of all, it has to be carried out in secret, which means that if the American public knew about it, they would be appalled and would not be supportive of it. - Author: J.W. Amran
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#3. ( ... ) Would it kill you to have a little faith in your older brother?'
'It might - Author: Julie Kagawa
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#4. Hawkins's plan to be more careful was starting to include things like "carefully brushing her off," and "carefully take her home," where he could "carefully kiss her mouth" and "carefully take her clothes off. - Author: Tara Janzen
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#5. Carefully laid plans aren't always the best. Sometimes Plan B is the real dream come true. - Author: S.J.D. Peterson
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#6. I think it is more tha6 the sea is a reminder of how little control we have over our own lives no matter how carefully we try to plan and order them. Everything changes in ways we least expect, and everything is frighteningly vast. We are so small. - Author: Mary Balogh
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#7. When you plan and prepare carefully, you can legitimately expect to have success in your efforts. An optimistic, positive mind is far more likely to come up with creative solutions than a mind that dwells on setbacks and difficulties. Bottom line: expect success and you can achieve it! - Author: Zig Ziglar
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#8. It's like a dance, to choreograph a fight is like a dance. It's very specific. You have to carefully plan it out. Because if someone gets hurt, then we didn't do our job, someone screwed up. The fight choreographers and the actors involved, we messed up somewhere. - Author: Bryan Cranston
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#9. It was unwise to plan too carefully. It took only one great failure to learn that lesson. - Author: Belva Plain
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#10. If you try too carefully to plan your life, the danger is that you will succeed-succeed in narrowing your options, closing off avenues of adventure that cannot now be imagined. - Author: Harlan Cleveland
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#11. It's fair to say I don't know what I'm doing. I like to plot my life and proceed carefully, but life doesn't always follow a plan. - Author: Lisa See
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#12. You must consciously and carefully write out a plan of achieving your goals - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#13. I am chaos in this ordered society, the flaw in a carefully wrought plan. I am turbulence in the queen's eternal river. - Author: Eugie Foster
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#14. Plan your progress carefully; hour-by hour, day-by-day, month-by-month. Organized activity and maintained enthusiasm are the wellsprings of your power. - Author: Paul J. Meyer
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#15. I love Bach, I love Beethoven, I love Mozart, I love the Beatles, I love you know, Stockhausen, I love many things. But for some reason I come back to Elizabethan music because it's a little bit like the Beatles. - Author: Tod Machover
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#16. No matter how carefully you plan it, there are times when you suddenly find yourself a committee of one, in charge of lifting the entire world with a lever. - Author: Ivy Baker Priest
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#17. When you make art, you get really invested in it. When art happens by accident and you were just along for the ride? It's way more fun. - Author: Patrick Stump
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#18. Great effort is required to arrest decay and restore vigor. One must exercise proper deliberation, plan carefully before making a move, and be alert in guarding against relapse following a renaissance. - Author: Horace
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#19. How do you know if an angel has crossed your path? Sometimes you don't, because angels often appear as coincidences. That is, they seem like chance events, but they are really part of God's carefully orchestrated plan for your life ... - Author: Gary Kinnaman
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#20. What if there is a carefully shielded alliance with a clear aim to break Washington? An alliance that has relentlessly been carrying out that plan for decades, under the guise of something completely different? - Author: Jeff Nesbit
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#21. My songs are just little letters to me. - Author: Ani DiFranco
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#22. I've done drives through Budapest and Oslo and used to drive to Sardinia, too, which is quite a journey. Drives are an adventure because I don't plan them too carefully. I take detours depending on how I feel and usually stop and stay at places I like the look of. - Author: Rick Astley
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#23. As the National Football League and other pro sports increasingly reckon with the early dementia, mental health issues, suicides and even criminal behavior of former players, the risk of what's known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), is becoming clear. - Author: Jeffrey Kluger
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#24. Mother of three; divorcee; American. Twenty years experience as an actress in motion pictures. Mobile still and more affable than rumour would have it. Wants steady employment in Hollywood. (Has had Broadway). References upon request. - Author: Bette Davis
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#25. I don't believe in fate," he said carefully, "but ... I do believe everything happens for a reason. That there is some plan, some meaning to this darkness we live in. - Author: Julie Kagawa
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#26. I got into reading a lot of noir and a lot of thrillers as well, and I really admired the plotting about those and the way that they can surprise you. And obviously to surprise people and to have twists in the tale, you have to plan quite carefully. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#27. I had no idea what I was doing when I wrote 'Search.' There was no carefully designed work plan. There was no theory that I was out to prove. - Author: Tom Peters
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#28. If anything, if you can get somebody interested in something and get them excited, that's great. You should be praised for having opened the debate and having asked the right questions. - Author: Oliver Stone
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#29. There were three reasons why we survived: We had no money, we had no technology, and we had no plan. Every dollar, we used very carefully. - Author: Timothy Ferriss
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#30. If you feel that you must suffer, then plan your suffering carefully
as you choose your dreams, as you conceive your ancestors. - Author: Edward Abbey
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#31. No matter how carefully you plan your goals they will never be more than pipe dreams unless you pursue them with gusto. - Author: W. Clement Stone
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#32. A calling is not some carefully crafted plan. It's what's left when the plan goes horribly wrong. - Author: Anonymous
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#33. One rule of thumb you should use when setting deadlines for yourself is to carefully consider how much time you expect the entire project to take and multiple that number by 1.5. For example, if you think your project is going to take 10 days to complete, plan to give yourself 15 days. - Author: Ric Thompson
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#34. Before beginning, plan carefully. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
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