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Top 24 Pizzeria Quotes

#1. There was one floor that was all gynecologists. They could tell by the remnants of weird optical contraptions- all the convoluted tools men use when they're searching for the source of their anxieties. - Author: Carl Watson
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#2. Oh, my wife is a wonderful cook. She comes from a food-loving Italian family - her father owned a pizzeria! - Author: Buddy Valastro
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#3. If we're interested in spiritual things, we gradually realize that what we really need is to understand this nature that seems to be a bottomless basket, because there is no peace in it. - Author: Guy Finley
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#4. The closest thing I use to beauty products is the grease on the pizza from John's Pizzeria. - Author: Mark Feuerstein
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#5. Love takes something that's difficult and makes it feel so effortless. - Author: Debbie Macomber
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#6. We're all going to get old one day. So let's just love the age we've got and let's not crave the age we're not. Amen, sing it to your mama. - Author: Neil Pasricha
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#7. The best characters to play are the ones who have deep internal conflict. - Author: George Blagden
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#8. The beauty of Rome is that you can wander into a pizzeria just about anywhere and get a real Italian pizza that's thankfully worlds away from the Super Supreme I used to order at Pizza Hut as a kid. - Author: Ed Stoppard
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#9. Unlike other peoples the United States found their origin in a deliberate act of corporate self-assertion, and ever since the Revolution every little American has been taught to associate himself personally with this creative act. - Author: Christopher Dawson
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#10. I let go. Lost in oblivion. Dark and silent and complete. I found freedom. Losing all hope was freedom. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#11. I was a bartender at a Pizzeria Uno's for nine years. The people I worked with were amazing, but it was quite possibly the most miserable time of my life. - Author: Bobby Moynihan
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#12. I used to live in Pillgwenlly, and there was this old Italian pizzeria that used to be there with a really amazing character who ran it. - Author: Asif Kapadia
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#13. After facing backlash from customers, Subway says it will remove a chemical in its bread that is also found in yoga mats. Some people were like, 'You mean I've been eating a dangerous chemical?' While most people were like, 'You mean I can eat my yoga mat?' - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#14. I'm always on the side of the characters, rather than the side of the people attacking them. I get realistic. It's not gratuitous. - Author: Alexandre Aja
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#15. Elena?"
"Yes, unless Nick found a woman in the forest, which I suppose wouldn't be too surprising. - Author: Kelley Armstrong
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#16. I studied for my degree in London and consequently ended up spending five years away from Cornwall. I deliberately moved away from the coast to experience a different way of life. - Author: John Dyer
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#17. I went to a pizzeria. The guy gave me the smallest slice possible. If the pizza was a pie chart with what would you do if you found a million dollars, he gave me the "Donate it to charity" slice. "I'd like to exchange this for the 'Keep it!'" - Author: Mitch Hedberg
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#18. I write pretty much every day, but I don't have any desire to publish anything. - Author: Winona Ryder
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#19. You just never know what the grand plan is on 'Dexter,' so I didn't know if I was going to make it to the next episode, let alone the next season! - Author: David Ramsey
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#20. I'm coming out with a wine ... I'm actually a restaurateur. I have Famous Famiglia Pizzeria that has opened up in the Sacramento airport. I'm also working with my business partner on opening up the Linnethia Lounge. - Author: NeNe Leakes
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#21. Please go to this pizzeria. Order the margherita pizza with double mozzarella. If you do not eat this pizza when you are in Naples, please lie to me and tell me that you did. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#22. Being frightened of things is worse than the things themselves. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
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#23. Every two months, I allow myself a splurge day where I eat thick, doughy pizza from Pizzeria Uno or an ice cream sundae from my store with birthday-cake ice cream, Marshmallow Fluff, and toppings mixed in. - Author: Dylan Lauren
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#24. When I voted against the cap-and-trade bill, the phone rang and it was the chief of staff of the president of the United States of America, Rahm Emanuel, and he started swearing at me in terms and words that I hadn't heard since that crossing the line ceremony on the USS New Jersey in 1983. - Author: Eric Massa
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