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#1. There are not more than five primary colors (blue, yellow, red, white, and black), yet in combination they produce more hues than can ever been seen. - Author: Sun Tzu
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#2. I write for a lot of places, so I'm on a lot of promo lists. - Author: John Darnielle
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#3. Aikido versus Aikido breeds weakness and self-deceit. - Author: Toshishiro Obata
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#4. If you put two economists xin a room, you get two opinions, unless one of them is Lord Keynes, in which case you get three opinions. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#5. They also accused her of being sardonic, and although there was uncertainty about the meaning of the word, they knew it was not a desirable quality in a woman, being one which gentlemen particularly disliked. - Author: P.D. James
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#6. For most of my career I did one comic a day, every day, including weekends and holidays. - Author: Scott Adams
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#7. Anyone who votes for McGowan is 100 percent right. He was a great umpire. He belongs in the Hall of Fame. - Author: Al Barlick
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#8. Because as much as I dislike her, I would prefer not to have an enemy. - Author: Dawn O'Porter
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#9. Movies touch our hearts and awaken our vision, and change the way we see things. They take us to other places, they open doors and minds. Movies are the memories of our life time, we need to keep them alive. - Author: Martin Scorsese
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#10. We think that the world is a solid, vivid place, full of shape and colour and solid objects like this table and this microphone and so on, but we actually create that in our heads out of the bits of information that hit the back of our eyeballs or hit our eardrums or hit our tongues or whatever. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#11. There's three things: there's masculinity, there's intelligence, there's sensitivity. You've got to bring those three things to a leading man's role: masculinity, sensitivity, intelligence. In some people, there's a little too much in the mix of one or the other. - Author: Alec Baldwin
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#12. I think that's the graveyard of musicians, playing cabaret. I think I'd rather be dead than work in cabaret. It's just so depressing. - Author: Elton John
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#13. I am a shark. A shark who dreamed he was a man. - Author: Rick Yancey
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#14. For me, my films are not like my children. They are like my ex-wife. They gave me so much; I gave them so much; I loved them so much; we part ways, and it's OK, we part ways. - Author: Alfonso Cuaron
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#15. Beauty means the scent of roses and then the death of roses - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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