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Top 8 Piers Nivans Quotes

#1. In 1965, Gibson made the red one I use now, and a black one, which was the first black 335 they ever made.

Johnny Rivers

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#2. Children must grow not only in the body but in the spirit, and the mother longs to follow the mysterious spiritual journey of the beloved one who to-morrow will be the intelligent, divine creation, man.

Maria Montessori

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#3. I try to be as fearless as possible. I don't always succeed, but I like to think I try.

Zachary Quinto

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#4. You don't question Providence. If you can't have the reality, a dream is just as good.

Ray Bradbury

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#5. The proofs of the existence of God are to such an extent fallen into discredit that they pass for something antiquated, belonging to days gone by.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

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#6. Livvy held up a hand. In Emma's defense, Cameron's annoying, but he's hot.

Cassandra Clare

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#7. I was the classic midfield organiser who could also score goals.

Michel Patini

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#8. Sound science must be our guide in choosing which problems to tackle and how to approach them.

Frank Luntz

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