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Top 7 Pied Piper Of Hamelin Quotes

#1. The turning point in my career came with the realization that Black should play to win instead of just steering for equality.

Bobby Fischer

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#2. The flute of the Pied Piper of Hamelin has never left us and it is essential that we train our ear to detect its false notes because in our case the flute is being played by the rats.

Dimitris Mita

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#3. A man without mirth is like wagon without springs, in which one is caused disagreeably to jolt by every pebble over which it turns.

Henry Ward Beecher

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#4. A lot of weird ads. Sally Struthers with that little kid: 'Just 55 cents, the price of a cup of coffee, feeds this kid and his family for a week.' Yeah, where is that? 'Cause I wanna move there.

Robert Schimmel

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#5. If you start the day reading the obituaries, you live your day a little differently.

David Levithan

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#6. Get your story written, you always have the second and third draft to fix things like tense, 1st vs 3rd person, the exact right word, etc.

Andromeda Edison

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#7. Any decent society must generate a feeling of community. Community offsets
loneliness. It gives people a vitally necessary sense of belonging. Yet today
the institutions on which community depends are crumbling in all the
techno-societies. The result is a spreading plague of loneliness.

Alvin Toffler

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