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Top 7 Phsical Quotes

#1. As soon as reality breaks, as soon as we're separated from the phsical world, the cracks begin to appear in our minds. And through them seeps the madness that has always been there, flowing into your skull like a liquid nightmare ..

Alexander Gordon Smith

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#2. We should allow ourselves all pleasures, real or imaginary.

Marty Rubin

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#3. On gray days, when it's snowing or raining, I think you should be able to call up a judge and take an oath that you'll just read a good book all day, and he'd allow you to stay home.

Bill Watterson

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#4. Unlike most traditional, season-long fantasy sports sites, which make most of their money from administrative fees and advertising, FanDuel and DraftKings take a cut of every bet. That is what bookies do, and it is illegal in New York.

Eric Schneiderman

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#5. In Washington, a confidential assistant is someone who, if you don't want to know something, you go and ask him and he won't tell you.

Andy Rooney

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#6. Violence would be a huge gift to those who want a divided Lebanon.

Saad Hariri

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#7. I sat thinking how terribly sad it was that people are made in such a way that they get used to something as incredible as living. One day we suddenly take the fact that we exist for granted - and then, yes, then we don't think about it anymore until we are about to leave the world again.

Jostein Gaarder

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