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#1. It's going to be a grand adventure and a fairy tale of marvels. But it's my fault that you'll find a dragon at the end, my darling knight. - Author: Fredrik Backman
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#2. In the bottle discontent seeks for comfort, cowardice for courage, and bashfulness for confidence. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#3. You're wrong.
The question is not
"How many times can your heart be broken?"
The question is
"How many times can it heal? - Author: Pleasefindthis
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#4. And yet I am afraid, afraid of what my words will do to me, to my refuge, yet again ... If I could speak and yet say nothing, really nothing? Then I might escape being gnawed to death. - Author: Samuel Beckett
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#5. At times, we are the bridge that allows another to re-enter the world after a loss. Don't mistake it for more or its beauty may be lost. - Author: Danielle Pierre
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#6. I can't do pieces I only admire technically. I have to feel some direct contact with them. - Author: Michael Tilson Thomas
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#7. Itinerant killers of basilisks; travelling slayers of dragons and vodniks! - Author: Andrzej Sapkowski
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#8. Stormy Weather is really wonderful - it ought to be required reading for everyone who is concerned about our planet's climate, beginning in every high school in the country. - Author: Ross Gelbspan
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#9. Imagination builds the image of the self, and thought then functions within its shadows. From this self-concept grows the conflict between what is and what should be, the conflict in duality. - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
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#10. I thought ... their elegance ... lies not so much in their
clothes as in their bodies, and their bodies have received it, and continue to unceasingly receive it, from their souls, which are just like yours, lovely Simonetta. - Author: Alexander Theroux
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#11. It is better to be the recipient of violence than the inflicter of it, since the latter only multiplies the existence of violence and bitterness in the universe, while the former may develop a sense of shame in the opponent, and thereby bring about a transformation and change of heart. - Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
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