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#1. Colors are the smiles of nature. - Author: Leigh Hunt
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#2. If you're really thinking prayer can stop rockets or bullets, you have to ask why some people do get hit by rockets or bullets. Are they people who no one prayed for? Are they people who God just didn't like? I don't think so. - Author: John Shelby Spong
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#3. She put me through hell .... and I called it love. ~ - Author: Unknown
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#4. Happy are those who have overcome their egos; happy are those who have attained peace; happy are those who have found the Truth. - Author: Gautama Buddha
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#5. Today the predatory state, or the predatory group of states, with power of total destruction, is no more to be tolerated than the predatory individual. - Author: Lester B. Pearson
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#6. I'm an inexperienced reporter, and I'm still learning. - Author: Nick McDonell
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#7. I feel at home in intimate concert halls. I can take risks and I'm immediately forgiven if the risk is a failure because it's such a cozy atmosphere. It opens up the opportunity for conversation and for interacting with the crowd. - Author: Jason Mraz
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#8. This really isn't fair," Mena said. "What is 'fair'?" asked one of the watchers called Devoth. "I don't know this word. - Author: David Anthony Durham
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#9. He always says that those who control the present can rewrite the past. - Author: Anne Fortier
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#10. Learn to wish that everything should come to pass exactly as it does. - Author: Epictetus
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#11. You feel that if only you could make yourself sit down at a typewriter you could give shape to what seems merely a chain reaction of pointless disasters. - Author: Jay McInerney
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#12. Happy, you really are a first-class gloomy bugger," JC said affectionately. "You could gloom for the Olympics, and still take a Bronze in existential paranoia."
Everyone has to be good at something," said Happy smiling in spite of himself. - Author: Simon R. Green
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#13. Some wounds; never reflects on the skin, but kills us slowly from inside. - Author: Durgesh Satpathy
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#14. According to Aristotle, envy is pain for the presence of good things in others, whereas emulation is pain for their absence in us. This is a subtle but critical difference. Unlike envy, which is self-defeating, emulation is a good thing because it makes us take steps towards securing good things. - Author: Neel Burton
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