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#1. Have you ever watched a deer walking out from cover? They step, stop, and stay, motionless, nose to the air, looking and smelling. A nervous twitch might run down their flanks. And then, reassured that all is safe, they ankle their way out of the brush to graze. - Author: Helen Macdonald
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#2. No mom has it all together. We're all dealing with loose ends when it comes to motherhood and our children. Some of us are just better at keeping up appearances, that's all. - Author: Julie Ann Barnhill
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#3. If you start your own thing, you can learn a lot really fast from doing things wrong. - Author: Drew Houston
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#4. A man's friendships are one of the best measures of his worth. - Author: Charles Darwin
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#5. You will be most effective when members can complement each other without embarrassment and disagree without fear. - Author: Peter R. Scholtes
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#6. When I was younger I was always big; I was a fat boy at school. I had an early growth spurt, and when I went to secondary school I was tall enough to be a policeman. - Author: Alfred Molina
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#7. The secret of dealing successfully with a child is not to be its parent. - Author: Mell Lazarus
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#8. Gun-control has always been an elitist method of controlling the common ... - Author: Charley Reese
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#9. Envy thou not the oppressor, And choose none of his ways. - Proverbs 3:31 - Author: James Ellroy
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#10. Changes made by management today make no improvement. - Author: Peter R. Scholtes
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#11. Managers must see themselves as experimenters who lead learning, not dictators who impose control. - Author: Peter R. Scholtes
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#12. Eventually, I'll go back to acting, but for right now, my children are the most important thing in the world to me. - Author: Soleil Moon Frye
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#13. The common objection to seniority pay is, "It's rewarding dead wood!" My response is, "Why do you hire dead wood? Or why do you hire live wood and kill it?" - Author: Peter R. Scholtes
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