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#1. We cannot change the wind, we can only adjust our sails. - Author: Del Suggs
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#2. I had some jokes that were dirty. And some of it is when I started making appearances on Conan and Letterman back in the late '90s, I think. You had to remove the curse words, or you couldn't do some of the more explicit jokes. - Author: Jim Gaffigan
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#3. I do think that character types trend. As a female comedian, the parts that come my way are often terrible women. - Author: Jenny Slate
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#4. The difference between those who succeed and fail: not taking advantage of opportunities. - Author: Eric Thomas
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#5. I suppose my best attribute, if you want to call it that, is sincerity. I can sell sincerity because that's the way I am. - Author: John Wayne
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#6. I want you to show me what being with a man should be like. What giving my body and soul to you should be like. - Author: Tillie Cole
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#7. It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop. - Author: Andy Warhol
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#8. I'm almost never serious, and I'm always too serious. Too deep, too shallow. Too sensitive, too cold hearted. I'm like a collection of paradoxes. - Author: Ferdinand De Saussure
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#9. Not that I was incapable of friendship. 'Don't be shy', the teachers coaxed. I was not shy, only extremely choosy. And Denise shone like a diamond. If you had to ask me to define paradise, I would have said a desert island which Denise could visit, on a boat. - Author: Anneli Rufus
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#10. I never watched 'Harper's Island.' - Author: Dave Foley
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#11. We need to put strong Democratic pressure on President Obama in the name of poor and working people. - Author: Cornel West
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#12. One-third of the world, it has been said, may be free- -but one-third is the victim of cruel repression
and the other one- third is rocked by the pangs of poverty, hunger and envy. More energy is released by the awakening of these new nations than by the fission of the atom itself. - Author: John F. Kennedy
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