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Top 36 Perspective And Empathy Quotes

#1. If there is no God, who pops up the next Kleenex? - Author: Art Hoppe
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#2. Thus the negative perception is the triumph of consciousness. - Author: Alfred North Whitehead
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#3. Madam, a circulating library in a town is as an evergreen tree of diabolical knowledge; it blossoms through the year. And depend on it that they who are so fond of handling the leaves, will long for the fruit at last. - Author: Richard Brinsley Sheridan
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#4. Try to get inside the world of Homer and see what it would be like to think with his view of reality. Only then can you begin to judge it, because only then do you really understand it. - Author: John Mark Reynolds
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#5. I've had the exact same brown hair all my life, and my whole life, people have been telling me to change my hair. - Author: Marissa Jaret Winokur
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#6. All that has been integrated into NVC has been known for centuries about consciousness, language, communication skills, and use of power that enable us to maintain a perspective of empathy for ourselves and others, even under trying conditions. - Author: Marshall B. Rosenberg
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#7. On many issues, empathy can pull us in the wrong direction. The outrage that comes from adopting the perspective of a victim can drive an appetite for retribution. - Author: Paul Bloom
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#8. four new factors of wisdom were identified: non-dualistic thinking in cognitive wisdom, perspective-taking and nonresentment in reflective wisdom, and empathy in affective wisdom. - Author: Anonymous
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#9. Jesus wants to give you five things: extravagant compassion, moral clarity, sacrificial courage, persevering hope, and refreshing joy, - Author: Gary Haugen
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#10. There is nothing like another's perspective to remind you that your way is not the right way; it is simply your way. - Author: Chris Matakas
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#11. My thoughts amuse me. - Author: Laurie Faria Stolarz
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#12. One of the peculiar children's perspective out of time allows him to take minute interest in every resident of the town and to chronicle everything we did for the entire day he lives over and over. - Author: Ransom Riggs
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#13. One must always forgive another's passion. - Author: Pat Conroy
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#14. Education, from Addams' perspective, must not merely make us more adept at defending ourselves against those with different agendas. Education should increase our powers of empathy and our ability to act in concert with others. - Author: Michael S. Roth
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#15. An America where every person, no matter their race, their disability or their sexual orientation realizes the full promise of equality that is our birthright as Americans. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#16. Imaginative empathy is one of the great gifts that humans have, and it means that we can live more than one life. We can picture what it would be like from another perspective. - Author: Dan Chaon
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#17. Writing fiction is one of the greatest forms of empathy. It's not enough to simply write from the perspective of your have to feel what they feel. - Author: Melody Robinette
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#18. Every true artist must, in his own way, be a magician, a charlatan. - Author: Orson Welles
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#19. You & I, Love, together we ratify the silence,
while the sea destroys its perpetual statues,
collapses its towers of wild speed and whiteness:
because in the weavings of those invisible fabrics,
galloping water, incessant sand,
we make the only permanent tenderness. - Author: Pablo Neruda
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#20. I will never tell another person, "I don't understand you ... " and why? Because if I say that, it means that I am disabled in a way. The inability to connect to another's perspective is, I believe, a disability. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
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#21. When good people consider you the bad guy, you develop a heart to help the bad ones. You actually understand them. - Author: Criss Jami
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#22. The way to understand any enemy is to realize that, from his perspective, he is not a villain but a hero. - Author: Desmond Tutu
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#23. My all-time favorite skin cream is from Poland. Its called Eva Natura with Polish herbs, including rosemary. It smells wonderful and is soothing and comforting. - Author: Dagmara Dominczyk
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#24. Depression can seem absurdly self aggrandizing to those who do not experience it, But that does not make it any less painful to those who do. - Author: Richard Brookhiser
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#25. Empathy, as we have seen, leads to caring, altruism, and compassion. Seeing things from another's perspective breaks down biased stereotypes, and so breeds tolerance and acceptance of differences. - Author: Daniel Goleman
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#26. Difficult situations require compassion, level-headedness & the empathy to see issues from somebody else's perspective. - Author: Ben Parr
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#27. It is not rubbish! It is the part of people that you do not understand. - Author: E. M. Forster
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#28. Empathy requires us to step outside of our own agendas long enough to develop an understanding of the other person's perspective. It can be rightly stated that no relationship will be whole without ongoing displays of empathy. - Author: Les Carter
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#29. Once you take the time to consider the other person's perspective, you will become sympathetic to his feel ins and ideas. You will be able to authentically and honestly say, I don't blame you for feeling as you do. If I were in your position, I would feel just as you do. - Author: Dale Carnegie
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#30. I look around with divine precision and gazing free upon the earth, I see -
- architects and earthquakes - empaths and robots - fictions and near misses - lives changing, children sleeping, beauty brimming.
I see us - trying on ways of being - so sweet and messy, so worthwhile. - Author: Laurie Perez
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#31. I don't even consider myself an environmentalist anymore. I'm a free-marketer. I go out into the marketplace and I catch the polluters who are cheating the free market ... - Author: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
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#32. Love is the world's infinite mutability; lies, hatred, murder even, are all knit up in it; it is the inevitable blossoming of its opposites, a magnificent rose smelling faintly of blood. - Author: Tony Kushner
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#33. The problem with our culture is we cling to so many different truths. Yet, the truths that we cling to also depend on our point of view. Maybe, the journey to a truth that can be free of hatred, bias and injustice requires a journey of the soul to see all view points. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#34. Blessings taken for granted are often forgotten. - Author: Elisabeth Elliot
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#35. My friends are my inspiration, and all of them are true friends that support me. On a daily basis, I know that I have my friends to rely on. - Author: Reem Acra
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#36. It is a maxim of wise government to treat people not as they should be but as they actually are. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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