Top 15 Personal Journeys Quotes

#1. While understanding that we need this matrix to experience life on earth, we should also be able to enjoy a certain sense of detachment from it, and thus feel more empowered to make our own choices. We should thus come out feeling much more in control of our own personal journeys.

Julia Woodman

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#2. For every Gospel action, there is an opposite and devious demonic reaction. We see this in the book of Acts. It appears in church history. We experience it in our personal journeys.

Daniel Henderson

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#3. I want to shine a spotlight on a new generation of women, who are creating, funding and managing some of the hottest companies in tech today. But I wanted to do more than share their professional stories. I wanted to share their personal journeys, too.

Willow Bay

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#4. We're put here on Earth to learn our own lessons. No one can tell you what your lessons are; it is part of your personal journey to discover them. On these journeys we may be given a lot, or just a little bit, of the things we must grapple with, but never more than we can handle.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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#5. A duet in code and electron.
Age and youth and cynicism and hope.

Amie Kaufman

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#6. Hell hath no correctly punctuated fury like a book nerd scorned.

Alexandra Petri

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#7. I met Richard Burton, an RAF cadet on a two-term course. I would have flirted more enthusiastically if it had not been for the horrid boils on the back of his neck.

Nina Bawden

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#8. A seed doesn't stay beneath the soil, too afraid to grow. It journeys upwards boldly, for that is all it knows.

Atalina Wright

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#9. She had come to accept, deeply, and with certitude, that she had been born into a world, a life, that would not let her be whole.

Guy Gavriel Kay

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#10. Start from your heart. The greatest journeys begin on the inside.

Eleanor Brownn

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#11. My journey, my life.
My life can only be navigated by me.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#12. Similarly, anyone who wishes to understand the mind of the sacred writers must first cleanse his own life, and approach the saints by copying their deeds.


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#13. And what went wrong when other alchemists tried to make gold and were unable to do so?"
"They were looking only for gold his companion answered. They were seeking the treasure of their personal legend, without wanting actually to live out the personal legend.

Paulo Coelho

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#14. Until pains are endured, depressions surmounted, mockeries ignored and goliaths conquered, destiny might not be achieved

Ikechukwu Izuakor

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#15. I think denial's fascinating. It's a jokey word, but it really happens, and sometimes in enormous ways.

Marian Keyes

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