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#1. I could always sing, from a really young age, but my voice was really weird. I used to make my mum turn up the radio every day in our house. She was well into music so I got that from her. - Author: Ellie Goulding
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#2. Jenna nodded, wiping tears away with the back of her hand. She leaned toward David and they hugged again. "I was never okay with losing you," she said quietly. "You know that, right? - Author: Melissa J. Morgan
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#3. Carnival laughter does not permit a single one of these aspects of change to be absolutized or to congeal in one-sided seriousness. - Author: Mikhail Bakhtin
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#4. It is part of the human nature always to judge others very severely and,when the wind turns against us,always to find an excuse for our own misdeeds,or to blame someone else for our mistakes. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#5. The time is probably not far distant when music will stand revealed perchance as the mightiest of the arts, and certainly as the one art peculiarly representative of our modern world, with its intense life, complex civilization, and feverish self-consciousness. - Author: Hugh Reginald Haweis
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#6. Tomorrow is an illusion suggesting that another chance always exists. It is a dangerously false illusion. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#7. You have intellect, and courage, and command. Play your own game, and don't worry about what anyone else is doing. That is what's going to give you a shot at making it. Comparing yourself to anyone else will just drive you crazy. - Author: Ellen Emerson White
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#8. When my life does get frantic and busy, there's always time to fit something in, even if it means getting up 15 minutes earlier. I get out of bed, do a few Asanas and then do a little bit of mediation. I just structure it into the day. It's really, really simple. - Author: Jayne Middlemiss
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